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 blog 2016 05 featured tk

Wednesday team presentation : TK – Sales Intern

News from Smiirl   May 24, 2016

Even if her internship only lasts 2 months, she made herself really comfortable in our office. She laughs loudly, cracks jokes like she doesn’t care, brings her own food almost all the time (wut? we’re not fancy enough for you TK?) and she took over the title of youngest member of the time from Pierre. Buuuut (SPOILER ALERT) she’s the only girl on the team so we can’t really blame her for all of that BS.

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 blog 2016 05 featured cities

[TOP 10] Cities where you can find our Counters

Tips   May 19, 2016

We are a French company, you shoud know it by now. But, our counters like to travel, a lot. We thought it was time to give some shout out to the cities the most welcoming for our baby! Pack up your bags, and let’s begin our journey!

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 blog 2016 05 featured names

The craziest names you give to our counters

Tips   May 17, 2016

We’re going to talk about you today, yay you read it, you! And more specifically the craziest, funniest and dumbest (don’t take it personally) names you guys give to our counters. Because yes, the name is just “the facebook counter” or “the instagram counter” or “the twitter counter”. But we sometimes laugh our ass off when you imagine names to call our products with. So let’s dive in your crazy minds!

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 blog 2016 04 featured pierre

Wednesday Team Presentation : Pierre – VP french speaking sales

News from Smiirl   April 26, 2016

Last time, it was Saby’s time, sooo the logic is that we keep up with our sales team and KABOUM : Pierre is in the house. He’s the one responsible for selling our counters all around France and who’s in contact with our resellers. Working from Lille, he’s kinda like a magic formula. When he comes back to Paris, sales instantly go WILD. Let’s go!

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 blog 2016 04 featured saby

Wednesday Team Presentation : Romain – VP International Sales

News from Smiirl   April 8, 2016

How to sum up Romain in one sentence… Well, let’s say that he considers Darwin a genius, he believes Tom Selleck’s mustache should be a UNESCO World heritage, that Hotshots part deux definitely deserved one or several academy awards and that Monster Quest is the one and only TV show he watches. Oh, and btw, he’s our International Sales Man.

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 blog 2016 04 featured songs

Ten songs that will improve your productivity at work

Tips   April 6, 2016

In this world, there are two types of people. Those who work with music, and those who don’t. In our team, headphones are almost mandatory, and I’m going to give you the ten songs that get me pumped up and that make me ready to take over the world!

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 blog 2016 03 featured romain

Team presentation Wednesday : Romain – CTO

News from Smiirl   March 24, 2016

And the beat goes on. He joined the founders team with a tweet and the less we can say is that you wouldn’t be able to use the counter and our website if it weren’t for him. Shout out to the Big Brain of the team, let me introduce you Romain, our CTO and cofounder !

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 blog 2016 03 featured pg

Team presentation Wednesday : Pierre-Gilles – Customer Care Manager

News from Smiirl   March 21, 2016

We’re on an article spree! Last Wedneday, I introduced myself in a precise & 100% trustworthy article. Today, I’ll introduce you the king of the support, the Goliath of Help Scout and the most caring member of our team : Pierre Gilles !

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 blog 2016 03 featured val

Team presentation Wednesday : Valentin – Communication & Digital Marketing

News from Smiirl   March 16, 2016

It’s Wednesday so today is the member presentation day! Yaaaay! Wut ? I just created a trend out of nowhere you say? Yes, and so what? I’m the owner of the blog, I do whatever I want, duh.

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 blog 2016 02 social media logos 15773

The posts you should avoid making on social networks

Tips   February 29, 2016

With the creation of new emojis on Facebook, people can now express their feelings on a subject/post more precisely. Moreover, these little fellas are great indicators of success, or failure, of the posts you make as a business on social medias. Our team presents you some posts you should avoid making as a community manager.

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