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How to get (even) more likes/followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using your Smiirl Counter

Tips , February 14, 2016

Our first Social Media article will be kind of a “How to” one. We’re going to give you some advice on where to put your counter in your store and your office, in order to maximize his visibility!

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Interview Georges – Papa’s Fish and Chips

Clients , February 8, 2016

This time, Smiirl goes overseas to meet Georges, owner of Papa’s fish & chips !

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Interview Vincent Boccara – W for Wok

Clients , January 31, 2016

Let’s continue our clients interviews tour with Vincent Boccara, owner of W for Wok.

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Interview Kriton Mina Poulis – Kilikio

Clients , January 13, 2016

We wanted to turn the spotlight on our most beloved clients. And we started off this interview series with a nice exchange with Kriton Mina Poulis, CEO of Kilikio. The day we did this interview, he had 3618 facebook fans, well let’s see if this article makes him improve 😉

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Hello 2016!

News from Smiirl , January 2, 2016

Welcome on our new blog (and happy new year)!

Many of you follow us for a long time and asked: guys, tell us your story, share your thoughts…etc

This is why we decided to (re)open our blog!

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