Wednesday team presentation : TK – Sales Intern

May 24, 2016

With our sales increasing more and more, Romain & Pierre needed someone that could help them do the dirty work. By dirty work I don't mean cleaning up their desks and doing their laundry, but classifying our clients databases, looking for re sellers and every single task that can help our sales team do the job and sell our counters quickly and efficiently. So, you do understand that she's more than necessary for us, and that it's gon' be really hard for our super salesman to replace her! You may be wondering why she's staying only 2 months, and imma give you the reasons right now! Ready, steady? GO!

TK is finishing her 2 years studies atΒ the IUT of Sceaux and had to find a 2 months internship to validate her diploma : welcome to Smiirl ! And as an original IUT soon to be graduated, she wants to follow with a master in a business school or in a university specialized in business., hoooow original... As for why she's among us, she was really intrigued by how a start-up worked and, of course, the counter. So, she sent an exhaustive (that's the polite way of saying effing way too long) to the founder, Gauthier, who happens to be one of the former roommates of TK's bro (how convenient). Her bro then gave her Gauthier's e-mail adress, and that's what you call a nice & clean string pull ;).

2 weeks later, she's in Smiirl's office as, as we told before, the only girl in the team. A super Marvel and Super Smash Bros Melee's fan (dat's ma girl right there!), she's pretty sad that 12am breaks are dedicated to Pro Evolution Soccer, because, as she says, she can't "kick our asses" (a girl can dream...).

She's leaving us in less than a month now, so this article was an obligation, because we don't want you guys to miss a single member of the Smiirl's adventure πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoyed this article, and don't forget to give us your feedback ! I'll see you next time!

I'm out πŸ˜‰