The craziest names you give to our counters

May 17, 2016


The Fliike

This is not reaaally a mistake because it was the name of the first version of the Facebook counter. But, new times, new names, and the Fliike has given birth to three beautiful flapping babies which you well know about right now : the three counters. However, you telling Fliike instead of counters tells us that you've been following us since the beginning, and that's very rewarding (must..not..cry)

The "Like Box"

Well... that's basically what it is but still.. hmm.. just call it the counter please. And that's a bit discriminating for the Twitter & Instagram counter, because you don't "like" on these bad boys, you follow. So please, a lil bit of respect for them, it would be nice. Best regards. Val.

The Social Booster

You sir, are a genius. Because this is the main goal of the counter, to boost/skyrocket/increase your social media audience (no, I didn't copy/paste our headlines from our facebook ads, no). But if a product was always named after its main goal, we would have "Get laid" instead of Tinder or "Gain 10 lbs in 3 minutes" instead of Mc Donald's and even "Send horrible pics of yourself that you think will be completely deleted after 6 seconds but what you don't know is that we keep them in our servers FOREVER" instead of Snapchat. See what I did there ?

The "Like Machine"

That sounds like "sex machine", and I honestly don't know what to think about it. It's positive in the way that you know our Facebook counters are sexy flapping showties, buuuuut once again, the word "like" is discriminating the two younger brothers which are Instagram and Twitter. For god sake, give some love to these two, they deserve it!

The Smiirl

To conclude, this has to be the most common of the list. It's easy to associate a product with the name of the company. And our beloved clients or clients in the making often take this shortcut. This is fortunately not really harming us because with this little mistake, the brand awareness keeps increasing. Soooo, let's say your crazy minds are in fact helping us if I can say so myself. Round of applause for yourself!

Thanks you for reading this article, and keep sending us your Feedback about the experience you have with our counters! We appreciate that 🙂

I'm out 😉