Ten songs that will improve your productivity at work

April 6, 2016

Blue Swede - Hooked on a feeling

Yeah, shame on me, I didn't know this song before Guardians of the Galaxy came out... But I bet a majority of you didn't neither! Everything in this song is motivating : the happy feeling coming from it, Björn Skifs' voice, everything. What else can we say than .. HOOKAHOOKAHOOKATCHAKA!

La Caution - Thé à la menthe (instrumental version)

You might know this one from "Ocean's Twelve" soundtrack, or not. But anyway, this was an obvious one for me to put on this list. This arabic influenced piece of hip hop music makes you want to jump in your shoes and go play some football (no, we're in Europe, we're not going to accept to say "soccer") with your best pals. Wut? It's not even close to be related with serious work? Huh.. Well.. Moving on!

Fat Larry's Band - Act Like You Know

F*CK YEAH! If this article would have ended being a countdown, it would certainly have made it to the number one spot of the list! I dare you to give me one song that is more joyful, more groovy, more "holly shit this makes me want to do everything I've always wanted to do within the next 24hours" than this one. I basically wrote every single article listening to this song! THIS IS YOUR WAY TO SHINE.

Mouth Money - Professor Kliq

This entry is by far the least "mainstream" one of the list. But holly molly it deserves to be there. Funky-groovy electro music with strong drops, I recommend you to listen to this one at the end of the day, when coffee is desperately not enough to keep you awake. Better than a power nap! From the same artist, I could have put "Wire & Flashing lights" instead, because they're equally awesome but I personally prefer this one and once again, I'm the owner of the blog so don't mess up with me.

Kanye West - Stronger

Nothing to add, everything is in the title. (And I can't even imagine doing a track list without mentioning Yeezy)

The FatRat - Unity

8 bit sounds, happy rhythm, and a extremely catchy loop. This one is the definition of a gimmicky song, but hell it is motivating! For the most hardcore workers among all of you, give a try to the 10 hours version and get ready to triple your turnover. True story.

Rage against the Machine - Guerrilla Radio 

I know you can hear them from where you are. The first guitar notes, the first drum hits, oh yeah you're ready to smash your keyboard and send your daily 500 emails to your clients. But in the process, you were so excited you also smashed your computer screen and destroyed everything around you. Gasp. Use this song with caution, collateral damages are a real thing.

Darude - Sandstorm

It was meant to be there. Period.

The Jackson 5 - I want you back


I can't remember who said that good old classics always do the job, but he was goddamn right. Young Michael is best Michael, no questions asked (well, there is room for debate there but still, young M.J was the one). The problem with this one is that you might end up dancing rathen than working while listening to it. Just don't listen to it when your boss is around and it should be fine.

EMINEM - Lose Yourself

Was that even a surprise? If it is, then you clearly lack of imagination in terms of self-motivation. Heck, this song was written in order to conquer the US rap game. What do you need more than that? And why are you still reading this article? Go on, play Lose Yourself and get back to work you lazy worm!

Thanks for reading this article! Make sure you give us your own motivation song in the comments below!

I'm out 😉