Wednesday Team Presentation : Romain – VP International Sales

April 8, 2016

He's among us in Paris only  once a month, the rest of his time is spent selling our beautiful counters from Berlin. And the least we can say, is that the offices gain some "entertainment" when he's around. Pro tip to have a good time? Take a subject, a society problem or whatever is on the news at the moment, and start to argue on it.  90% of the time, he'll disagree with you and he'll do anything to prove his point. Why? Because it's Romain Saby. Period.

Oh, btw, we missed the main part. He's our beloved VP international Sales, meaning that our counter wouldn't be as worldwide as it is without him. Korean, German, Saudi... no country is spared. And even if he's a veteran sales man today, he has not always been an expert on this field.

Indeed, he started his career by getting a 3 years university degree in sociology and ethnology before getting a Master degree at the National Museum of Natural History, in Human/wildlife conflicts specialty. For this he, among others crazy stuffs, went to Congo and Indonesia to work on an "apes' reintroduction program" and he wrote a report about the problems with wolves in the Mercantour. He always considered his field experiences wayyyy more interesting than theory bulshitty classes, aaaand that's a good transition to why he started working for Smiirl.

Smiirl was looking for a Swiss army knife, capable of understanding, adapting himself and doing things really quickly. With his experience on 64535654543 types of projects, Romain was the guy. Plus, he was pretty much bilingual soooo .. touchdown.

He values working with smart people, because he's always thirsty for new knowledge, and Smiirl was a good choice for him because he didn't know a single cr*p (put the letter you want there 😉 ) about connected objects!

So there began the love story between Smiirl and Romain, and they lived happily ever after. The end.

PS : Romain's motto in 10 seconds here.

PS2 : don't bother sending him an email, because voilà

Hope you enjoyed this article, I'll see you next time!

I'm out 😉