Wednesday Team Presentation : Pierre – VP french speaking sales

April 26, 2016

In our team of manly bearded dudes, Pierre is the joy & energy supplier, as if he was the hidden son of Robin Williams & Oprah : always smiling, willing to help and one hell of a hardworker! And sometimes he even plays Santa Claus for the team! Everytime he comes back, we're spoiled with fine beer, fine cheese and fine cake. He knows every single bar in Lille like the back of his hand, and can talk about northern celebrations for hours & hours. And the craziest thing, is that this Mr.Mom is the youngest member of our team!

He joined Smiirl in a rather non conventional way. He sent an email after Smiirl's broadcast on the podcast : "On refait le Mac". His email began with : "I'm a young guy from the north" (not even close to a typical introduction of a cover letter huh?), because our website was in english and he didn't know a clue about the brand. Then, after serval interviews (and that's a poor word, oh yeah) with the founders, there he is, beginning a 3 months trial of door to door selling in Lille. His experience enabled him to get the job, and f*ck yeah he loves this job! Pierre has blossomed among us, and in his opinion, Smiirl is one of the best french start up to become (no self cock sucking intended there,  I swear). And that pretty much sums up why Pierre joined us, and why he's so good at selling our counters all around France.

And this is it for the article of the week! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as Pierre enjoys working with us!

Don't hesitate to give us your feedbacks in the comment section down below, and I'll see you next week!

I'm out 😉