Interview Guillaume Sodano – Hôtel André Latin

June 7, 2016

Fabien & Guillaume

The adventure begins when Guillaume & Fabien, the two brothers of the Sodano family, took up the torch of the André Latin hotel in the beginning of 2000's. Their moto : taste pour beautiful things, the art of serving and pleasuring every single client that crosses the doors of their hotel. The hotel teams embody this essential value daily. And at the end of 2015, they decided to pay tribute to Andrea, their grandfather, by dedicating the hotel to this man.

Coffee shop le jour, bar à cocktails la nuit

The place proposes his clients great quality services. At night, a brand new cocktail bar characterized by its "retro" appearance, perfectly reflecting the cultural spirit of the neighborhood, with some DJ sets and ephemeral events all along the year. During the day, this cocktail bar is replaced by a "coffee shop" with a set of teas, coffees & and infusions, and with a nice selection of cakes and pies to go with it.

"Andrea's Elixir"

Guillaume made social medias a big part of his communication and has been present on Facebook since 2010. Since the hotel "reopening", most of his posts deal with previews of the new decoration, articles about the place and their culinary suppliers (Rachel's cake, Café Lomi among others), illustrations made by collaborators (the Yeaaah Studio for instance), ephemeral displays of some of their biggest successes of their menu (for example, their man cocktail, "Andrea's Elixir": Gin, Lemonade, Coriander, Lime, Raspberry & Cane Sugar) and also informations about local activities. Don't hesitate to check their Facebook page to dive into their little world. They're also on TwitterInstagram 😉

How did these hotel industry kids stumble across Smiirl? Guillaume simply answers : "I was hoping that this kind of product existed, so when I type "facebook counter" on Google, Smiirl appeared before my very eyes, magically." Magic it was then, but not only. "The first day with our counter, a group of American tourists was making selfies in front of the counter, we gained some likes this night." he adds. So magic, and a viral effect. "We were also very proud to tell them that this product was made in France. Some of them left with "Smiirl" written on a piece of paper ;)"

We wish the best to Guillaume and his team, et may the counter attract more more and selfie-addict american people 🙂