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Introducing the fantastic Maison Puget bakery!

Clients , July 27, 2020

Are you planning a trip to London? If the answer’s yes, go to Notting Hill and try Maison Puget’s pastries

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How to become an expert on social media?

Tips , July 23, 2020

Becoming a social media expert is not easy, but anything is possible!

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The Custom Counter can accomplish (almost) anything

News from Smiirl , May 25, 2020

It is now essential to stand out for a brand or a store.

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Loads of new Facebook & Instagram features to support small businesses!

Clients , Tips , May 18, 2020

Every year, new features are added on Facebook and this time it’s just for you: business owners and entrepreneurs.

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APF, let’s talk about it!

News from Smiirl , February 19, 2020

Excellence is all around the world and in all of us, and at Smiirl it’s something that we value. In the following lines, we will tell you about the Association des Paralysés de France (French Association for Paralyzed People), our partners in the production of our Counters.

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Customer interview: Oliver’s Brighton

Clients , February 10, 2020

September 1st, 1991. It’s with eyes wide open that Harry Potter walks into the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, entering a new chapter of his life, one full of wonders, excitement and… magic!

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All hail the Like | Why likes are more relevant than ever

Tips , September 17, 2019

Instagram hiding likes is a great opportunity for your business. Wanna know why ? Check out our latest article.

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Why even Ollivanders should care about his engagement rate

Tips , July 15, 2019

Hurray, you’ve finally launched your company on social media! Alas it’s only just the beginning because followers do not appear by waving of your magic wand. That’s why it’s essential for you to take care of your engagement rate. This applies every type of business, even to a magic wand shop open since 382 B-C.

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Game of Likes – 7 digital marketing lessons from Game of Thrones

Tips , April 29, 2019

Here are the seven most important communication lessons taken from GOT. If you follow our advice we assure you almost as many followers as Daenerys!

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The 5 best signs to enhance your counter

Tips , October 16, 2018

Your counter is now set and you’ve been able to appreciate the benefits it got concerning your physical and digital community. But what if we told you there’s a way you could exalt it even more ?

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