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Boost your social media pages from inside your 

Our live Facebook & Instagram Counters turn your customers into fans. And a customer who likes or follows, is a customer who comes back.

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Our Counters update in real time!

The interaction created by the split-flaps give your social media a presence you would have never imagined. Joining your business becomes irresistible!

Your business, your community, growing together.

Attract new customers to your store.

Numbers can tell a lot about a brand. Place your Counter in your storefront. Show credibility in a modern and engaging way. Attract new customers to your store!

Turn your customers into followers.

Watching the mechanical display flip in real-time is amazingly fun and engaging! You can target the best people: your clients. You can thus grow your social media exponentially!

Keep your fans coming back for more.

A way to stay close to your customers via social media and to stay top of mind making them want to come back. Watch your sales go up thanks to your customers and their referrals!


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