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Your venues receive a ton of traffic, but your social media doesn't. Let's fix this.

Smiirl Counters are outstanding tools to advertise your social media accounts. Talk to one of our expert and start boosting your online audience!

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We can display any figure in real-time.

Bring yours to life with a Counter.

Social Media Counters

The Facebook & Instagram Counters give a special presence to your pages & accounts, making following your brand irresistible. They are the most effective way to convert your physical traffic online. And they are much more economical than paid advertising at generating fans.

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Grow a quality audience
By turning your visitors into fans you ensure that your social media audience is perfectly targetted, with higher online engagement rates.
For a fraction of the cost.
The Counters are a one time investment, once installed they generate quality fans for years, making them much more effective than recurring paid advertising.

Custom Counters

Great service from your team takes motivation and energy. Placed in an office or break room, our Custom Counters can display the KPIs that matter most to them. Seeing numbers litterally move can have a special effect and an amazing impact on everyone's motivation.

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Keep your team accountable.
Displaying your KPIs in real-time is a terrific way to let every single member of your team know where the business stands.
Celebrate milestones.
Delivering results often go unnoticed in the whirlwind of every day operations, but there is no such thing as showcasing milestones.
What we offer.

Designed for big business.

Tailored pricing

Our grid can be adapted to any project. Talk to an expert to get a tailored quote.

Adapted infrastructure

Your network infrastructure should be kept secured. Our experts work in hand with your system administrator.

At scale deployment

No matter the number of locations and project constraints, our team works with you every step of the way.

Centralized reporting

Manage all your units from a single interface on MY.SMIIRL.COM
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A dedicated team

Every step of the way.

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Every chain and company has its own specific needs, our team of experts knows how to work with each one of them.

    Understanding your needs.
  • Our objective is to understand every detail of your project, so we can propose a tailored solution, address any concern and improve your bottom line.

  • Deploying efficiently and securely.
  • We help you install your hardware with the right software parameters. We also train your team, so you can get the most out of your Counters.
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Any glitch in one of your location?

Your priority request gets processed in a snap.

Because managing a chain is highly demanding, we make sure Smiirl is never on your to-do list.

    Priority support included.
  • Your questions or glitches are addressed quickly and easily. You get priority access to our Paris-based Customer Success Team, via phone or email.

  • Every location remotely managed.
  • You can manage all your Counters from a single interface on MY.SMIIRL.COM. Check their status and see how every social page is doing in real-time!
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Minimize your total cost

Maximize your social media impact.

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With Smiirl, there is no recurring cost involved, no setup fees, no hidden terms. Everything is validated upfront.

    A pricing tailored to your needs.
  • One of our expert will work on a quote tailored to your business' reality: based on the structure of your social media communication and number of locations.

  • An investment amortized over the long run
  • As stated above: payment happens once, for everlasting benefits. While promoting your pages online is always a recurring fee, our Counters will shine in your locations for many years to come.
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We work with fantastic brands, only ;-)

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