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Team presentation : Kevin – Computer Engineer

News from Smiirl   October 3, 2016

Let’s keep introducing our fabulous team to you guys, and this week we’re going to go with Kevin who’s unfortunately leaving us at the end of the week. You’ll be remembered brother!

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 blog 2016 09 featured social media 2

[WHY] Focus on social medias you master the best

Tips   September 29, 2016

Once again, we’re talking to you, local businesses. When you’re building your social media strategy, you could be tempted to register on every single social media available. BZZZT. Error. We’re going to tell you why you should focus on one or two.

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 blog 2016 09 featured barman 2

Interview Sébastien Toursel – Le Barman Vous Déteste

Clients   September 27, 2016

He’s the king of memes, well at least the one dealing bartenders daily problems. And he has a cool brand to talk to us about. And tattoos. But above all else, he’s one hell of a nice guy we had the pleasure to meet lately. Take a sip of your finest beer and read this article about Sébastien, the bartender who hates you!

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 blog 2016 09 featured reach 2

[WHY] Your reach on Facebook is lower than ever

Tips   September 22, 2016

Facebook is working on updates frequently, and the one that came in early summer of 2016 reduced the reach of Business pages, resulting on people getting confused or angry. Let’s try to analyze this subject.

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 blog 2016 09 featured simon 2

Smiirl Team Presentation : Simon – CMO

News from Smiirl   September 20, 2016

The third “C something O” to join the team! We have Gauthier CEO, Romain CTO, and now Simon CMO, for Chief Marketing Officer. His role is pretty simple : skyrocket our website sales by optimizing every single acquisition channel. Easy to explain, yes, but the tasks he’s working on are not that simple, at all. Let’s gooo!

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 blog 2016 09 featured surrel 2

Interview Valentin Surrel – Brasserie Marlentin

Clients   September 12, 2016

As for Patrice Cassard whom we had an exchange earlier this year, Valentin Surrel is part of this category of “Super entrepreneurs” we have in France. If his name sounds familiar to you, it’s simply because you can associate it with Captain Train. And today, he’s launching a new project, a more bucolic project 😉

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 blog 2016 09 featured up to date 2

Is your store up to date ?

Tips   September 8, 2016

Ok so you’ve found what you wanna sell? Great. You’ve got the team to do it properly? Stupendous. But is your store ready as well? Let’s find out!

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 blog 2016 09 featured im back 2


News from Smiirl   September 5, 2016

Guess who’s back .. Back again.. Val is back, tell a friend.

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 blog 2016 07 featured im out 2

I’m Out

News from Smiirl   July 21, 2016

Monday 26th Nov – Friday 22nd July. I’m out.

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 blog 2016 07 featured tracy

Wednesday Team Presentation : Tracy – Customer Care Manager

News from Smiirl   July 18, 2016

The title seems familiar? That’s normal. And that’s simply because our dear Pierre-Gilles left us a couple of weeks ago (we’re going to miss you bro), and Tracy is replacing him! Brace yourselves, summer is coming with this new member!

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