Wednesday Team Presentation : Tracy – Customer Care Manager

July 18, 2016

There she is, the first lady to join us for more than two months! Tracy is in the mix, and she's taking the lead on one of our most important mission : the support. She's the new customer care manager, meaning that is you've having counters problems I don't feel bad for you son, Tracy's got 99 problems but answering your questions ain't one (HIT ME). Like Pierre-Gilles before her, she's in charge of answering your questions, solving your problems with the counters and make sure everything is okay, basically. But she gave herself some other missions among us. In fact, at Smiirl we love to take care of each others, and she decided that it was her mission to make sure our fruits basket stays full all the time. VITAMINES OH YEAH! Plus, she loves Instagram and has some ideas to boost our use of this social media, so welcome abord captain Tracy!

She joined our team because she was intrigued by the counter (who would not?). And more globally, she wanted to learn a bit more about what we call a "connected object". She had a small clue of what our counter was designed for, but when she understood it was connected to social medias in real time, she screamed "BINGOO, that right there is going to be a blast"! And what really confirmed her appeal for Smiirl was our way to communicate on our job offers, especially the "we don't give a damn about your degrees or your age, if you're motivated, cool and stubborn in a good way, you're made for the job" part. We take the time to know the person we're going to work with personally, not only through his/her past experiences and degrees, and that's what she loved about Smiirl. Oh and BTW, she's an Instagram addict. No wonder why it was love at first sight with our counters 😉
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I'm out 😉