[WHY] Focus on social medias you master the best

September 29, 2016

Adam Smith and David Ricardo were already aware of this back in the good old days. Specialize yourself and you'll gain productivity. Well at least if you can't handle everything, it's way better for you to specialize in what you're the best at. It's the same for social networks.

The temptation of registering to  every single social media existing is strong, we can't deny it. But a list of pros & cons has to be written before. But the main thing you have to know is that every single social media, as Gary Vaynerchuck once said, can be compared to what television channels are. Facebook is one channel, Instagram is another, etc. So the way you communicate on these platforms have to be different one from another. And with that being said, let's compare these new channels.

First of all Facebook. What's the deal with Facebook? Well, essentially, every single local business MUST create a Facebook page. Period. Why? Because it's Facebook, that's why. You should know that tomorrow everybody will be able to go shopping on Facebook. It's more and more becoming an e-commerce platform and refusing to follow this trend could cost you a effing lot. It's basically the only social network you don't have to ask yourself questions about going for it or nah. But the matter of this article is to know if you should focus on Facebook only, or try to be efficient on others as well.

Instagram then? Well as said in an other article, Instagram is a powerful tool for storytelling. It's the perfect social media to communicate on your brand, on what you are behind your products and your services. In order to be efficient on Instagram, make sure you're posting at least one picture every two days or even everyday. You can manage some gaps on your feed but unlike Facebook, Instagram is all about visuals (pics and videos), so the more your community sees stuff about you, the more likely they will spread the word about how an awesome business you are. Provide content, regular content, or don't go on Instagram at all. It would be a waste.

Twitter... Oh Twitter. You had the recipe to work and still.. you don't. I'm not saying Twitter is bad, but in order for you to succeed on it, you gotta tweet as a machine. We're talking 10-20-50 activities a day (retweets, favorites, tweets). Being relevant on Twitter is harder than ever, because twitter is getting too loud. The algorithm is not made for filtering. Meaning that you actually see EVERYTHING the people you follow are posting/retweeting/favoriting...  and if you're not ready to spend 80% of your social media time on it, forget about it, it's not made for you.

Snapchat is difficult to explain. Because, kind of like Instagram, it's a pretty good media for storytelling. But you've got a more instantaneous touch to it. Snapchat is complicated to handle because it's fairly new for businesses and the possibilities are not mesurable enough to know what to share on it. So if you're feeling like going on Snapchat, well go. That could be the perfect place to tell us your story.

Pinterest? If your shop is not as sexy as Penelope Cruz , it's game over. Voilà. Oh you thought there would be more arguments about this one? Nah, it's simple as that. Pinterest is made for "pretty stuff". If your business' key performance indicator is not its design or its prettiness, you ain't got nothing to do on Pinterest.

We're not going to struggle with deep explanations of the whole social networks mass that exists today. But you need to know that if you want to succeed in every single social medias out there, you better be prepared for it. If you don't have the tools for each one of them, stay focus on the one you master the most. As said in the beginning, social medias are today what TV channels were before. They're all social medias but they're made differently from one another. So base your social media strategy regarding the medias you're using. And last but not least, create value.

Thanks for reading this article of the week, hope you enjoyed it and make sure you give us your feedback on it!

I'm out 😉