Team presentation : Kevin – Computer Engineer

October 3, 2016

Before starting off this article, I would like, in the name of the whole team, to thank Kevin for the awesome work he's been doing on the new version of the website you'll be able, dear users, to use soon! This article is kind of a "Hall of Fame" one for our young engineer. End of the intro, let's move on!

Before Smiirl, Kevin struggled in the scholarship syst... OK HOLD ON. Pause. What's wrong with us? Is it our fate to only recrute people who faced problem with school? Well after all, Steve Jobs, Zucky or even Michael Dell failed school, so we can dream to have the same future nah? Anyways, end of the parenthesis.

Kevin followed the "easy path", to quote him : Baccalaureate in Sciences and Technologies of Management, and BTS in Commercial Units Management. He followed this path not really knowing what we was going to do, but as he says, he needed a diploma, and ... that was a diploma. But after progressing in something he hated deeply, he decided to drastically change his path by applying and joining HETIC, in order to become a computer engineer. For a year, he struggled. A lot. But this challenge allowed him to complete his first year. At this very moment, he was about to enter the favorite phase of every students alive : looking for an internship. He quite quickly stumbled upon an offer to work as a computer engineer at Smiirl, and there he took a slap in the face. As any young student filled with clichés about startups, he thought that the sayings about startups being places where everyone is cool, everybody loves each other and everybody is motivated was a flat out lie. Aaaaaand nope. Because as he says, at Smiirl we really are cool, we really love each other and our project is really enriching! Plus, when your boss is  Romain Cochet, it helps 😉

But who actually are you, young Kev, appart from your chaotic scholarship? Well, his name is Kevin (not really the easiest name to carry when you know it's one of the most mocked on the internet), he's 22 and loves animals (who doesn't). But his real passion is motorcycling. Not just THE motocycle, but also going on road trips with his 2 wheels baby. Barcelona, the Mediterranean coast and also the big vast Texas. He did all of that. And until today, he has never felt anything that makes him as free as these 2 wheels road trips (of course, he's got the tattoos going with his passion).

His future projects? Get as much experience as he can as a computer engineer to be able to launch his very own projects. But his real final destination is Texas, to join his brother over there. and this goal might be the reason behind the choices and the changes he's made in his life...

Besides, Kevin is also a big music guy. He was part of a band when he was younger (not a simple garage band, we're talking recording studio and real concerts!). But it was time to grow up, and the band doesn't exist anymore (some people say their breaking up was as painful as Oasis' one, true story), et today he lives with his former guitar player. They're still playing together, but for fun, not for the fans.

We hope you enjoyed this article about one of our champs, we're going to miss you mister Nabeth, we wish to see you again for a coffee ASAP!

I'm out 😉