Interview Sébastien Toursel – Le Barman Vous Déteste

September 27, 2016

Seb, his brand & his counter

Tell us abour yourself Sébastien!

My name is Sébastien, I'm 23 and I'm a former bartender, converted student, community manager & web designer. But people usually call me "The bartender", because of my passion/Facebook page « Le Barman Vous Déteste ».

And what exactly is "Le Barman Vous Déteste" ?

LBVD is a page that gathers a the catering community around images, news and lives! I take care of creating and finding image/memes, videos, articles & pieces of information addressing to my community, but I also take care of answering to messages and giving advises to people who wish to have build a career in the restaurant industry. The background behind the page comes from my experience as a bartender, but also from a YouTube channel called « The Bartender Hates You », staging a coarse bartender who tell his customers to f*ck off, which is every bartenders' dream basically... I noticed that it ain't any community for the restaurant industry here in France, and I personally think we should stick together! So, I created the page and tried my best to bring some US touch humour to the community, and to create a website dealing with all of this.

Everyone has the LBVD T-Shirt 😉

What have you learned through your different projects?

“Fake it until you make it ! “ Haha. More seriously, how to handle a community, how to manage it, the little secrets behind our social networks and how to use viral content to make my feed relevant, and basically hot to make a brand grow.

Talking about social networks, how do you make use of them?

With kid gloves!  Haha. Everything is a matter of timing and quality content. The key is to spoil our page and our community : answering quickly to messages, talk directly to the community, organise events for/with them...

Tell us about your counter! How do you use it, etc.

I've learned about the counter through Facebook, I had been following the startup a little while ago and I find the concept stupendous! I use it for my facebook lives, my events and also for self motivation. He thrones right next to my desk! I love it!

What's your vision about the digital world today, and what are the main things to come in your opinion?

I think social networks are stealing the show today. Users are more likely to go through Facebook to keep up with what's up or get alerted for new events to come, rather than Google it. Soon, we'll be able to make our shopping on Facebook, that's the future right there! 

Hope you enjoyed our article of the day, and you learned a bit more about Sébastien and his project!

Don't forget to check his Facebook page!

I'm out 😉