September 5, 2016

Oooooh yeah it feels so good to be home. I fooled y'all, I've been pretending to leave the whole time! Well, not really actually. This comeback was not planned at all when I left. Let's say that I got a bit in trouble with my school aaaand here I am, forced to find a 6 months job to wait until I gotta go back to smash my head on a table listening to some boring teachers. And guess what, my former CEO offered me a job! At first it was very very frustrating to leave the team behind me, because the projects in the making were so awesome and the futur seemed brighter than ever for our little group. But hell yeah that's so good to be back!

However, my mission here is a lil bit different from last year's. Lemme explain to you, my dear and cherished readers. Last year, we kinda launched our digital advertising strategy and my job was to dig and dig and dig informations on how to do it properly, well at least how to push the big "START" button on this matter. In other words, it was like making a big draft, a 9 months draft. And as you may know, in July, Simon arrived. He's a specialist on this subject, and now our ads are more powerful than ever (we even have ads in Danish and German, oh yeah). So, my job is to make sure he never lacks of content and KABOUM : Brand Content Manager, a nice and shiny new line on my resume. Nah for real that's basically working on what I enjoy the most : writing articles, making videos and working on every content we have to generate for our ads and our clients. Pretty cool right?

You can be sure I'll enjoy every single second of this comeback, and I'll be ready to move mountains to make the best content for y'all.

And for once, I'm not going to throw my classic "I'm out", because this time, I feel like it's the perfect time for a "I'M BACK" 😉