Team presentation Wednesday : Pierre-Gilles – Customer Care Manager

March 21, 2016

There he is. The first person you're dealing with when you've got an issue with our beautiful product. The Mac Gyver of our team. The legend says that he can answer to 120 mails at the same time, while drinking coffee and doing push ups. And the legend is not even close to the reality.

You wanna know how this proud member of our team joined us? Well, let's dive deep into it!

He has been there for almost 3 months, driven by a simple idea : he wants his work to have a direct impact on the company's development. That's why he straight up began his job research toward start-ups, and especially the ones in the field of connected objects and new technologies. The international presence also was a very important criteria for him, because Mr. Thomas is a worldwide traveler who spent 6 months within our friends from Thaïland before joining our team! As said before, he's one caring son of a gun, and what he likes the most about his job is helping our beloved clients by providing solutions to their concerns (even when it's only a "did you check your internet connection ?" problem.. I swear to god this is something we're facing a lot).

Most of you know him as "", but now you can picture who's the guy that saves the day all the time for us 😉

Next week, oh dear next week we're going to speak in 1 and 0. You guessed, our CTO Romain C is the next one on the list. And be sure to buckle up your seat-belts, because he sure has a lot to say as a co-founder of our multinational company in the making !

Thanks for reading the second episode of our Team presentation, I'll see you next week !