[TOP 10] Cities where you can find our Counters

May 19, 2016




10 - Brussels

Our dear friends from Belgium. When you're starting a business, you'll always have a guy advising you to start a test in Belgium. Why so you'll tell me? Because it is one of the most enthusiastic market ever. And that's why Smiirl loves Belgium so much. Fact : even if Brussels is only #10 on this list, Belgium is actually our 4th biggest market, not bad for a "small" country 😉

(One of our beloved clients from Brussels, Planete Chocolat !)

9 - Amsterdam

Coffee shops and bikes are not the only things people from Netherland are looking for. They also love nicely designed and useful objects. And we're proud to count Amsterdam as one of our top 10 cities! They're almost as welcoming as their Belgium neighbours, because as for the Brussel's phenomenon, Amsterdam is only #9 but Netherland is our 5th biggest market. These two, oh these two.

(SuperHeroCheesecake, one of our first clients (they have a fliike!) from Amsterdam)

8 - Montreal

F*ck yeah Canada you did it! Because [spoiler alert], Montreal is above every single city in the US. But that can be explained easily. Our CEO, Gauthier studied in Montreal right before launching the Smiirl project. See where I'm going? Nah? Really? He has friends there, duh. But still, a big shout out to Montreal for being part of this short list and for beating up the US 😉

(Meooow, Café Chat l'Heureux has to be one of our cutest and fluffiest clients ever!)

7 - Toulouse

Is anybody surprised to see a French city there? You shouldn't, cuz it's not the last one, oh no. And Toulouse is not really a surprise either, it is well known to have some of the finest bars and restaurants in France, and to whom do we sell our counters mainly? Huh? To restaurants and bars, that's right. You're a smart motherf*cker.

(They've been opened for a short time, but they're becoming one of the place to be in Toulouse, here's A l'heure du singe !)

6 - Lille

Oh, what a surprise, another French town. This one comes with a simple explanation. Our superhero salesman, Pierre, comes from Lille (well not exactly in Lille but still, he's pretty big there). And Lille is the most Belgian-French city! People from Lille has this enthusiastic way of thinking that caracterizes Belgians!

(Eating burgers, drinking some of the finest beers in Lille, Ladies & Gentlemen lemme introduce you Le Mother)

5 - Hamburg

Ach ja! A top 10 cities where Smiirl is present could not be made without at least one German city. Indeed, Germany is our 3rd biggest market. Buuut Hamburg is not THE German city of smiirl...

(One nice delicatessen in Germany, check out Mutterland)

4 - Berlin

.. this one is. Our other headquarters are there, with Romain Saby taking over the market there. No wonder why our little counters decided to go and stay there 😉

(Drinking beer while playing billiard, this nice mix is possible at Bata Bar & Billiards)

3 - Lyon

The second French capital, the 2nd biggest city in France was a must be on this list even before I began to create it. And for good reasons. Lyon is, like Toulouse, known for its roads full of fine restaurants, shops and bars, so our counters belong there! And we could have put it #2, because, right now, it's a 100% tie with the silver medal of the countdown, which is...

(Also one of our first clients in Lyon, Big Fernand has the counter and will satisfy your stomach when it needs to be)

2 - London

The largest capital in Europe deserved to be there, and our friends from England showed us right. The trend there is more to have an "office counter" than in a store, restaurant or a bar, but it's still working pretty well. So let's burry the hatchet with our best rivals, and thank you London, god bless y'all.

(An obession with burgers you say? Naaaah, but this is the trend nowadays and Belushi's understood it by buying our counter)

1 - Paris

If anyone, I say anyone, is surprised by this, I'm going to loooooooose my freaking mind. Paris won with a landslide. Heck, we're based in Paris, this whole thing started in Paris! It's really rewarding to walk in the street to go to work or lunch, and to see more and more and more and more stores/restaurants/bars/offices/etc. equiped with our counters. Paris loves Smiirl, and Smiirl loves Paris (still a better love story than Twilight).

(With a great base of clients in Paris, we had to pick up 3/4 of them and here they are : Les Niçois, Lobster Bar, BioBurger, GaiMoulinBistrot, AristideHôtel, and the list goes on and on and on)


They're also some cities that have ONE counter there. Like there.


Thanks for reading this article, hope you enjoyed it and I'll se you guys next time!

I'm out 😉