Wednesday Team Presentation : Brandon – Mister Everything

July 12, 2016

Alright then, let me introduce this hybrid worker we have among us today. Brandon, 19 year old suburban, studying for a year at an engineering school in Troyes. In order to climb to the next year, he was asked to do a 4 weeks internship (minimum, he's there for 2 months) to discover how a company works. From his early teenage, he's been a group worker, he considers them as a challenge & admits to have a competitive spirit! And finding coworkers as motivated as he is, appears to be a pain in the...

He started to take a closer look toward start ups, companies characterized by a strong early development, and he immediately recognized himself in these lil Blablacar in the making : ambition, motivation & challenge, all he was looking for was there!  So there begins the long & harsh path of finding an internship for Brandon. Mars : he begins to send tons & tons of applications, receiving a few answers. A lil bit after that, he started to narrow his researches by focusing on websites specialized  in start-ups (hello WelcometotheJungle). However, almost all of them asked for very specific qualifications, and his studies (1st year as an engineer student) were not specific enough. But Brandon is a proud warrior, he didn't surrender there, and began to attack social networks to find his reward.  He begins to write cover letters, and again, and again, and again, trying spontaneous applications as well. After roughly 50 cover letters, there it is. He obtains a job interview at Smiirl. A lil check up to the company's website and BOOOYAH : something real, connected objects! Exactly what he needs. And guess what, 2 weeks after his interview : job proposition. And there he is today ! Fun Fact : our team challenged him to a FIFA 2016 duel during his interview, and today he feels dumb for having refused it (you coward... 😉 ).

For him, getting a job at Smiirl will allow him to clarify his opinion on how a start-up works, but also getting as much experience as he can that will be useful for a lifetime.  And the least we can say is that he will get the ton of experience is looking for. Simply because Brandon is our little Swiss Knife! Officially, he's helping Mathieu on production matters, but he also helps the support team, comes with me when I'm going on a clients interview spree, asks 456 questions a day to everyone and is the most curious fella I've ever met. Good news, one of Smiirl's core values is : "Curiosity is not a bad thing". Plus, the most important value being : "We're here to learn", Brandon is pretty much the human representation of Smiirl today. Someone that works on absolutely everything, and who's thirst for knowledge will never be satiated.

That's it for the article of the week guys, I'll see you guys next time!

I'm out 😉