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 blog 2016 09 featured engagement 2

[HOW TO] Engage your customers through social networks

Tips   April 14, 2018

Last week we tried to find out wether your store is optimized to sell your products or not, in other words : is your store up to date? This time, we’re going to focus on the engagement part, and more specifically, how to engage your customers through social medias such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Ikuze!

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 blog 2017 03 featured blog

The 3 reasons why you should launch your page before your local business

Tips   November 2, 2017

Your dream of opening your own restaurant/bar/shop has finally come true. But what if we told you that, before opening the doors to your future clients, you should first think of launching your Facebook/Instagram page? Let’s get into it !

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 blog 2016 11 LRIIMS

[LRIIMS] The WTO gathers to definitely forbid A4 sheets sticked up to shop windows

Tips   November 3, 2016

Plague of our streets, A4 sheets inviting people to follow some local businesses on their Facebook pages will soon be forbidden. A twist that means the end of an era, an era of visual pollution.

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 blog 2016 10 unnamed

The best way to engage your community on Facebook : “See first”

Tips   October 24, 2016

Once your community is gathered and engaged, you still do not fulfill the goals you have set in terms of likes and shares? A final step of engagement remains, and we will try to explain it to you today…

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 blog 2016 10 featured behaviours

Behaviors : An in depth look at our market

Tips   October 6, 2016

Today we’re going to explain to you how we, as connected counters sellers, can analyze our market by the differences between behaviors regarding the countries we’re selling to.

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 blog 2016 09 featured social media 2

[WHY] Focus on social medias you master the best

Tips   September 29, 2016

Once again, we’re talking to you, local businesses. When you’re building your social media strategy, you could be tempted to register on every single social media available. BZZZT. Error. We’re going to tell you why you should focus on one or two.

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 blog 2016 09 featured reach 2

[WHY] Your reach on Facebook is lower than ever

Tips   September 22, 2016

Facebook is working on updates frequently, and the one that came in early summer of 2016 reduced the reach of Business pages, resulting on people getting confused or angry. Let’s try to analyze this subject.

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 blog 2016 09 featured up to date 2

Is your store up to date ?

Tips   September 8, 2016

Ok so you’ve found what you wanna sell? Great. You’ve got the team to do it properly? Stupendous. But is your store ready as well? Let’s find out!

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 blog 2016 05 featured cities

[TOP 10] Cities where you can find our Counters

Tips   May 19, 2016

We are a French company, you shoud know it by now. But, our counters like to travel, a lot. We thought it was time to give some shout out to the cities the most welcoming for our baby! Pack up your bags, and let’s begin our journey!

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 blog 2016 05 featured names

The craziest names you give to our counters

Tips   May 17, 2016

We’re going to talk about you today, yay you read it, you! And more specifically the craziest, funniest and dumbest (don’t take it personally) names you guys give to our counters. Because yes, the name is just “the facebook counter” or “the instagram counter” or “the twitter counter”. But we sometimes laugh our ass off when you imagine names to call our products with. So let’s dive in your crazy minds!

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