The best way to engage your community on Facebook : “See first”

October 24, 2016

Building your community : check

Scheduled posts : check

A great number of followers : check

Perfect community engagement : not even close.

As we explained in another article, it's still difficult to engage your community on Facebook, as blossoming she might be, all because of a constant referencing decrease for the pages orientated towards business, which favors the massive presence of publications from "friends" and real people (how frustrating it is to see a video of a child falling on the ground because he got hit by a ball being more predominant than a post you made about some interesting news for your followers...). You got into the great habit of encouraging your community to share and comment your posts, but without giving any of your money to Facebook, these posts keep getting lost between childish shares of your little cousin and status of your most activist friend. And you can only observe with sadness that only sponsored posts of 15 000 000 fans pages are reaching the newsfeeds...

A solution remains to counter this lack of engagement, by playing a lil bit with Facebook's algorithm. This solution takes the shape of a little button, ingeniously hidden under the LIKE button of your page : the option "See first" .

This button saves lives

Indeed, once you're following a certain page, you are able to select a "Default" display of the publications on your newsfeed (meaning that the publications of this said page will give way to the algorithm rule and won't be displayed a lot on the newsfeed), or you can select the "see first" option. This option will allow you to automatically see in first position the selected page's posts when you open or refresh your newsfeed. It appears then necessary for page owners to encourage their community to choose this option if they want more engagement on their page.

Plus, thanks to the algorithm we talked about earlier, your friends will see that you've liked or commented this page's posts, and will be more likely to do it themselves, or even better to follow the page as well. This option happens to be very useful for people who are just starting to build a community around their business. Generally speaking, the first persons who will follow your page will be your family and friends.

By encouraging these guys to select the "see first" option (or by throwing them into a pit and starving them until they do, if you're more of a "Silence of the Lambs" type of fella), you'll create a community systematically in contact with your activity, and who will be able to share your posts more easily.

FYI, an engaged community is cool. Providing this community some quality content, even cooler. Make sure not to bury your community under useless and irrelevant posts. But that's a different story for another time...

Thanks for reading this article, and as usual don't hesitate to give us your feedback!

I'm out 😉