[LRIIMS] The WTO gathers to definitely forbid A4 sheets sticked up to shop windows

November 3, 2016

As Facebook was launched, its use was exclusively reserved to “physical” people : young and old lads were blossoming on the social network and were delighted by the interactions offered by the new platform created by good ol’ Zucky. Young lovers were sending some “luv U babe <3" on their walls, attention wh*res were polluting our news-feeds with status like "doesn't feel good today..." or fishing for compliments... Good. Old. Days.


Then, “pages” were born, and with them some national treasure we keep deeply in our “Screenshots” file such as “Do you think this watermelon can have more fans than Britney?”. However, the most important point of this update was the fact that it allowed companies to become “social”. From monsters of the stock market to local businesses, Facebook became a place to talk about business. At that time, monetized posts were not a thing, and the main goal of these social companies was to get the most fans they could. The most likes they could. And using every single means they could…


One of these means is still a well-known strategy nowadays. A strategy filled with goodwill, with sometimes spectacular results, but in such bad taste it would grow pale the biggest Chinese restaurant’s decorators. Ladies & Gents, we’re talking about A4 sheets with “Join us on Facebook” written on it. Or even stickers of the Facebook thumb glued on the shop window. Or eveeen banners with the same goal of inviting passerbies to like their page. In order to simplify this article, let’s call these little bastards “afours”.


A decision has been taken during a summit of the WTO : these afours, grossly attached to shop windows will soon be forbidden. A “cleaning” operation should be launched soon in Paris, one of the biggest victims of this practice. Franck, 22 year old student testifies : “I find this decision completely relevant. On our way to go to work, we can easily be distracted by these horrors, they’re becoming dangerous for passerbies…”


Besides being an ode to bad taste, it’s a danger. In fact, if these afours are the center of the problem pointed by the WTO, it’s principally because of their awkward shaping. Zacharie, 54 year old member of the WTO explains : “The main problem comes from the content and the format of these afours, more than because of the strategy process they follow. How can a local business be taken seriously when it’s using Comic Sans fonts to communicate in 2016… Some men just want to watch the world burn..”. So it’s a matter we should all be concerned by. However, the disappearing of these afours will certainly allow storekeepers to find some other ingenious ways to communicate, more functional and easieron the eyes. Time will tell us, but afours won’t, that’s for sure.



This article is a LRIIMS, meaning we’re dealing with subjects with a major ironic tone !

Many more to come !

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