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 blog 2017 02 oumar 600

Team Presentation : Oumar – Customer Care Manager

News from Smiirl   February 13, 2017

The Customer Care Manager line keeps growing on our Family tree. Oumar makes a thunderous entrance within our team!

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 blog 2017 02 lisboa 600

Smiirl in Lisbonne – FLY Reboot 2017

News from Smiirl   February 8, 2017

Every 6 months, our team gathers around the most important subject around : our strategy. And for this “reboot episode”, we had decided to go out a lil bit and to flee from our office : let’s go to Lisbon !

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 blog 2017 01 new year 600

Happy New Year 2017

News from Smiirl   January 26, 2017

It’s been a while right ? Re posting on the blog is the perfect occasion for me to wish you a (bit late) Happy New Year 2017, and to give you guys a look back at what we did in 2016, and to give you a quick glance at what 2017 will be for us 😉

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 blog 2016 10 marvin 600

Team Presentation : Marvin – Computer Engineer

News from Smiirl   October 19, 2016

This member is another soldier from Romain’s army of engineers (an army of 1 now that Kevin’s gone soooo not really an army). Two words to describe Marvin? Cashew nuts.

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 blog 2016 10 featured red dot

Raph, his projects, design & the Red Dot

News from Smiirl   October 12, 2016

This article will allow us to introduce our lead designer and co founder of Smiirl, Raphaël Pluvinage, but also to tell you guys about his last project for the Red DoT.

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 blog 2016 10 Kevin Smiirl 1

Team presentation : Kevin – Computer Engineer

News from Smiirl   October 3, 2016

Let’s keep introducing our fabulous team to you guys, and this week we’re going to go with Kevin who’s unfortunately leaving us at the end of the week. You’ll be remembered brother!

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 blog 2016 09 featured simon 2

Smiirl Team Presentation : Simon – CMO

News from Smiirl   September 20, 2016

The third “C something O” to join the team! We have Gauthier CEO, Romain CTO, and now Simon CMO, for Chief Marketing Officer. His role is pretty simple : skyrocket our website sales by optimizing every single acquisition channel. Easy to explain, yes, but the tasks he’s working on are not that simple, at all. Let’s gooo!

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 blog 2016 09 featured im back 2


News from Smiirl   September 5, 2016

Guess who’s back .. Back again.. Val is back, tell a friend.

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 blog 2016 07 featured im out 2

I’m Out

News from Smiirl   July 21, 2016

Monday 26th Nov – Friday 22nd July. I’m out.

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 blog 2016 07 featured tracy

Wednesday Team Presentation : Tracy – Customer Care Manager

News from Smiirl   July 18, 2016

The title seems familiar? That’s normal. And that’s simply because our dear Pierre-Gilles left us a couple of weeks ago (we’re going to miss you bro), and Tracy is replacing him! Brace yourselves, summer is coming with this new member!

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