Team Presentation : Oumar – Customer Care Manager

February 13, 2017

After SabyPierre-GillesTracy, it's Oumar's time to take the lead (partly) of the customer care management. In his left hand, the customer care shield allowing him to protecting our dear clients against any problem they can face with our counters. In his right hand, a sword made to seek for the best attack angle to transform our potential clients into clients. A harsh task he realizes with the help of Tracy, who juggles between university classes and days among Smiirl. Together, they form the front and the back line of our army. They're the first you're going to contact if you need any information on our product, and they're the last you're going to need help from if you encounter a problem with one of our counters.  

Oumar's integration in one word? Dazzling. During his first week, he had to become familiar with the most important supports on which he was going to work : the counter,  Helpscout & Crisp. Moreover, he had to gain knowledge of the tone we use to deal with our clients/clients in the making. Just imagine one month of university classes, but concentrated in a week. Heavy as hell. Not convinced? And what if I told you that, only 10 days after he has arrived, he went on an outrageously big exhibition in Lyon, the SIRHA, as Smiirl's representative? Yeah, you read it right. Add the fact that he was part of the Reboot we made in Lisbonne 2 weeks ago, and you have the fastest integration in Smiirl's history!  Oumar is the real MVP. 

As for the guy himself, Oumar is 23, measures 1m85 (well...), knows how to count to 2 and how to tie his shoelaces (but he doesn't know how to talk about himself). He's currently a student at  l’Université Picardie Jules Verne, aiming for a Organizations Management and Net Economy Master. Before that, he describes his scholarship as ... "mystical" : after successfully graduating from a Scientific Baccalauréat, he finds himself going for a year in LLCE Spanish (even if the only word he knows in Spanish is "Tortillas"), then goes for a 1-year trial in a Computing Licence, before spreading his wings towards an Economic Licence. What did we forget? Oh yeah. He loves to wear caps and eat sugary mashed potatoes (Wait what ?!).  

Two main reasons brought Oumar to apply for Smiirl : the counter & the team. He actually makes a parallel between the two entities by calling them both "magical". The interactions created by the counter intrigue him and the team appeals him. And after digging deep into our blog and particularly into the "Team Presentation" articles (#proud), he went from interested to straight up in love with our startup. Love at first and a half sight. Smiirl was definitely made for him. Plus, when you ask him where he sees himself in the future, he answers that he currently doesn't see himself away from Smiirl (yup, we won't give up on him easily). The only possibility he sees in the long run is him creating his own company (we're watching you bro, don't you ever dare becoming a competitor). Oh, and btw, he'd be kinda happy to graduate from his university (but as he says, that's only details). 

Concerning his hobbies, Oumar likes to practice yoga every morning at 5am and eat 5 fruits a day. You don't believe that don't ya? Me neither. More seriously, he enjoys going to the cinema twice or three times a week (aside from his working hours, don't worry). His last firm favorite movie ? The Revenant. I quote, "This movie is f*cking dope!".

Thanks a lot for reading this article introducing our new Customer Care Magic Johnson, hope you liked it! 

I'm out 😉