Happy New Year 2017

January 26, 2017


We (re)opened the Blog and we launched our first (concrete) FB ads 

First steps of 2016, and what great steps. (re)Launching the Blog was the occasion for us to share our adventure with you guys. Sharing news from our team, from our wonderful clients and some of our best tips on how to use social medias was a good way for us to give you the opportunity to keep track of our activity, and to get your feedback ;).

As for the FB ads, it started slowly but surely (I will detail this point further in the article), and it helped us discover a way of spreading our vision and our counters all over the world more efficiently than we ever did.

We've met new faces and skills  

Marvin, Tracy, Brandon, TK, Kévin, Simon, Oumar... One of the main reason we loved 2016 certainly was the number of awesome people we had the chance to work with. Programmers, sales persons, customer care specialists, marketing directors... The leap we've succeeded in making in 2016 would not have been possible without these guys. And some of them are still with us today, doing their best to make our dream of equipping every store in the world with our counters come true. We've extended our team and most importantly we've sharpened our skills in every single domain. A big shout out to our former and current members!

We appeared on TV ! 

And several times!

First of all, we have a long-term partnership with a French TV Channel, France 5. Our counter stands proudly on the "La Quotidienne" stage, in front of their TV every single day, from 11h45 to 13h15. That was a first cool test in order to see how viewers could interact with the counter when the hosts ask them to like their Facebook page. Results ? Amazing! Within 2 minutes, they once gained 1000 fans on their page. Oh yeah baby.

Our second appearance was in Spain. And what an appearance! One of our Twitter counters is set on the "90Minuti" stage (RealMadridTV), and as the host said, they consider it the biggest revolution since Steve Jobs. True Story. FOLLOWO METRO.

But what really made us think our counter would never fear the threat of live broadcasting happened in the beginning of 2017, at the end of January. A famous French show (TPMP) asked us if it was possible to set a twitter counter on their followers. SPOILER ALERT : they have 2.5 MILLION followers. So the question that immediately popped up was : is our counter capable of holding such a community in real time, considering the fact that displaying it on TV would make people destroy the "follow" button ? Answer is YES, he did it, he's a champ. He handled a 1.5 million people audience. Screw Lebron, Usain and Cristiano, our counter is the real MVP of the year.

We've opened new countries 

A lot of new countries. And a lot of extraordinary clients. You guys are the reason why we can pay ourselves in order to continue selling our counters all over the world (and incidentally, you make us eat every day). Our counter is now sold in more than 60 countries, and we have a little less than 5000 clients all over the world. That's crazy to think about. But we're going to do everything in our power to make these crazy numbers increase even more ! You can count on us 🙂

We've (finally) launched new versions of our counters , along with a new website ! 

Hell yeah we did it ! Our counters are now available in bigger versions, and on our brand new website . And, in case you've missed it, we've also launched a new version of our Instagram counters (with a fancy pinkish-purplish design). Last but not least, we've launched a custom version of our counters, capable of tracking down any data possible ! (as long as you can fetch the data). We've tried it ourselves and we've connected a counter to the number of times the ISS passes over Paris !

And that's crazy to think that our lil baby is able to display such amazing information ! So we're waiting for your craziest ideas ! What is the data you wanna see displayed on our counters ? Tell us and we'll try ! Or buy your own custom counter, that would be even better 😉

Thanks a lot to all of you, you're the reason why we're still here !

The blog is back again, once again, and I won't let it disappear anymore, so stay tuned!

For the first time of 2017 : I'm out 😉