The first social media connected counter.

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Facebook counter

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Instagram counter

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Custom counter


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An engaging experience.

Thanks to its unique design and real-time interactivity, the Smiirl Counter draw your customers attention and motivate them to follow your business on social media.

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Build customer loyalty.

The Facebook and Instagram counters have been designed for local businesses and public places to materialize your social media presence.

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Set it up where you want.

Smiirl's Counters have been designed to be set-up really easily according to your needs: in your window to attract new customers, hang it on a wall to convince them to join your community, or even in your offices to motivate your teams!

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A real-time and interactive display.

Our Counters react in real time and reward your clients for their commitment with an emotionally charged interaction.

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Value your data.

Our counters are perfect tools for your office, to motivate, monitor and measure at a glance the success of your teams.

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We delivered our counters to more than 10.000 clients in sixty countries. A shortlist of their testimonials!

They talked about us.

Since our launch in 2013, several worldwide media followed our adventure, here are some of them.