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Facebook Counter

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Instagram Counter

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Custom counter


Grow your social following

As soon as your customers will spot the Counter, be sure that they'll be intrigued by the familiar logo, yet unfamiliar object & be urged to hit the "Like" button!

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Real-Time Feature

The Counter is a sweet mix of technology and design that possesses the fascinating power of connected objects.

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How does it work?

Easy - Thanks to our wizzard dev' team, all you need is an internet access and a power outlet. Someone likes your page, the flaps start moving and your new fan is added in real-time. Magic, right?

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Designed to go wherever you need

Attract new customers by placing the Counter in your window, show off your community by hanging it on a wall or straight into your business. The possibilities are endless.

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Smiirl Counters are globe-trotters. In 4 years, we've delivered over 10.000 happy customers within 60 countries. Are you next ?

Value your data

Our counters are perfect tools for your office, to motivate, monitor and measure at a glance the success of your teams.

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They talked about us.

Since our launch in 2013, several worldwide media followed our adventure, here are some of them.