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 blog 2016 09 featured barman 2

Interview Sébastien Toursel – Le Barman Vous Déteste

Clients   September 27, 2016

He’s the king of memes, well at least the one dealing bartenders daily problems. And he has a cool brand to talk to us about. And tattoos. But above all else, he’s one hell of a nice guy we had the pleasure to meet lately. Take a sip of your finest beer and read this article about Sébastien, the bartender who hates you!

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 blog 2016 09 featured surrel 2

Interview Valentin Surrel – Brasserie Marlentin

Clients   September 12, 2016

As for Patrice Cassard whom we had an exchange earlier this year, Valentin Surrel is part of this category of “Super entrepreneurs” we have in France. If his name sounds familiar to you, it’s simply because you can associate it with Captain Train. And today, he’s launching a new project, a more bucolic project 😉

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 blog 2016 06 featured sodano

Interview Guillaume Sodano – Hôtel André Latin

Clients   June 7, 2016

Let’s get back to our clients, and for this interview, we had the pleasure to talk with Guillaume Sodano, Director of the André Latin Hotel. Enjoy!

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 blog 2016 02 patrice cassard

Interview Patrice Cassard – Superbécane

Clients   February 22, 2016

For those who kept themselves in a cave without internet for the last 20 years, Patrice Cassard is, among other things, the founder of La Fraise and Archiduchesse. And he gently accepted to give us some time for a little interview to tell us about his brand new project : Superbécane!

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 blog 2016 02 featured papas

Interview Georges – Papa’s Fish and Chips

Clients   February 8, 2016

This time, Smiirl goes overseas to meet Georges, owner of Papa’s fish & chips !

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 blog 2015 12 téléchargement

Interview Vincent Boccara – W for Wok

Clients   January 31, 2016

Let’s continue our clients interviews tour with Vincent Boccara, owner of W for Wok.

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 blog 2016 01 featured kilikio

Interview Kriton Mina Poulis – Kilikio

Clients   January 13, 2016

We wanted to turn the spotlight on our most beloved clients. And we started off this interview series with a nice exchange with Kriton Mina Poulis, CEO of Kilikio. The day we did this interview, he had 3618 facebook fans, well let’s see if this article makes him improve 😉

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