All hail the Like | Why likes are more relevant than ever

September 17, 2019

Why social media likes matter more than ever

It's the hot topic of the moment: the removal of likes from Facebook and Instagram.
Will it really happen? How will it affect businesses? The number of likes under a publication remains the first indicator of your engagement.

Indeed, from the millionaire influencer to your small business, everyone wonders if this proof of credibility will completely disappear. Don't panic: Smiirl has all the answers. Let us explain how the number of likes on your business page is more important than ever.

The difference between Page Likes and Posts Likes

For now, the two main social platforms haven't made anything official. They are currently testing removing likes in seven different countries: Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Japan, and New-Zealand.

Before going into the thick of it, it is important to point out the difference between likes on pages and likes on publications. It can be quite confusing but we use the word "Like" for two different things !

  • To like a page
    A Facebook or Instagram user decides to follow your account by liking your business page on Facebook or following it on Instagram. They will see your publications on their news feed. This Like represents a fan, and the total amount of page Likes or Followers represent your page's Like Count : that's how many people love your business on a given social media. 
    Which is the data displayed by Smiirl's Counters.
  • To like a post
    A subscriber who has already "liked" your page can react to your publication, be it a photo, a video or a status.
    They like your business' posts. And now, that's the kind of like that could be hidden in the future. 

Now you get it, the number of likes on your page will not disappear, only the ones below each publication will be hidden. Phew! That was close! Everyone will still be able to see how great and big your community is 🙂


Hiding likes : what will happen ?

Don't worry, the actual number of likes isn't in danger. Only the display of the number of reactions (post likes) is being questioned. Only the account owner will be able to see these statistics as the number will be hidden from the other users.

Your fans and followers will still be able to express their love for your business. Likes on your posts will still have an impact on your overall reach on these two social media as the more people will interact with your posts (liking, commenting, sharing) the more your posts will be seen and go up their newsfeed. One should not overlook their engagement rate even though their fans won't be able to see how many of them liked a particular post 😉 

So your number of fans and followers will be the only metric visible by other users. Lucky that our Counters are specifically designed to display the only metric that will keep on being visible. 😉


Page likes : more relevant than ever

Secure customer loyalty

With the disappearance of likes, the number of followers on your Facebook Business page and your Instagram account will become more important than ever.

It will be the first social proof confirming to your client that your company is worth their money and attention. By liking your page, he is choosing to be part of your community and to support your business. It will, therefore, be even more relevant to show this number, right? So, why not proudly showcaseyour appreciation to your current subscribers and strengthen their loyalty?

Reach new potential clients

Hiding likes also aims to promote the sharing of authentic and qualitative content that creates real engagement. And the good news is, you will no longer be in competition with accounts paying for likes and robots since they will become utterly obsolete. YAY.

Social media algorithms promote pages and accounts with the most interactions. A page that regularly attracts new likes is pushed to the top of your follower's news feeds and made visible to potential customers.

With the right strategy along with the creation of engaging content, this social media revolution could become a real opportunity for your company!

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