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July 15, 2019

Why even Ollivanders should care about his engagement rate

Hurray, you’ve finally launched your company on social media! Alas it’s only just the beginning because followers do not appear by waving of your magic wand. That’s why it’s essential for you to take care of your engagement rate. This applies every type of business, even to a magic wand shop open since 382 B-C.

In laymen’s terms, engagement rate is the users’ ability to interact with a company on social media. We generally measure it with shares, likes and comments compared to the number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.. Actually, it’s a rather simple ratio: interaction/followersx100.

You’ll then get a very useful percentage for your marketing strategy and branding. Who can tell us why this engagement score is important for companies?


Gaining in visibility for free

A good content strategy on social media guarantees a good visibility. Social media’s algorithms are made to increase “social” interaction. In other words, the more likes, shares and comments a post will get, the more visible it will be to a large public.

You don’t need to have a huuuge advertisement budget anymore if you develop an efficient strategy on your socials. When you incite your followers to react to your posts and you interact with them, you automatically increase your online presence. Your posts will be more visible in news feeds and in discover sections.

You can also use the tool SimplyMeasure in its free version to estimate your engagement rate and therefore, your visibility. To have an idea, the average rate does not exceed 1, 1% on Instagram and 2% on Facebook.


Shaping your engagement rate to create a community

Building your community of followers is the Holy Grail for any company, whether it is 100% online, or more traditional. Charmed and convinced by your content, these followers will become the ambassadors of your company’s values and products. They won’t hesitate to comment on every new post and spread the good word about your brand.

Take for example Mark&Spencer, the now 125-year-old British retailer, who understood that « putting the customers at the heart of everything » was the key. The brand that sales quality clothing, home and food products recently launched a hashtag on both Facebook and Twitter #thisisnotjust, along with YouTube videos, focusing on food. They fit in right in the food porn trend and reach a wider, younger network. This is exactly what they had to do to establish their reputation.

They chose to target a lifestyle rather than an age group with different campaigns on social media. And it worked! When Christmas was around the corner, customers went for M&S products over competing companies. More than wise marketing choices, they created a real sense of community. We love it!

Attracting new loyal customers

Who wouldn’t want to refloat their account at Gringotts bank? Let’s be honest, it means a great deal to be visible on the Internet and to establish a community of wizards’ ambassadors but the main goal remains to produce more wands. Lucky for you: a good engagement rate can help you to sell more!
Interacting with your community enables to create a trust bond between your company and its audience. This way, your followers will notice that there is an actual person behind the brand and it will give a more humane dimension to your online activity. It’s a kind of “before-sales service” where you take care of them even before they become your clients.

No need for complex potions to have them fall in love with your brand if you are already pampering them on social media. For instance you can organize contests, ask them to come with a funny caption for a picture, go live on Facebook or Instagram once a month, etc. The more your followers will see you, the more they’ll trust your brand and they’ll be less reluctant to purchase your goods or services.

You will win their loyalty and they’ll be eager to come to your shop, your restaurant, your salon, workshop, etc.


Bonus : tips to improve the engagement rate of your company

  • Study your target!
    A prestigious craftsman like Ollivanders will not communicate the same way about his wands as the Weasley brothers for their trick or treat shop. Know your client by heart to offer him content that he’ll like.
  • Post regularly to create a habit amongst your followers, like a sort of appointment they will be eager to come to.
  • Once your content reaches the: this-is-so-cool-I’m-gonna-have-it-tattooed-on-my-forearm level, do not forget to interact with your audience. Answer to comments and private chats to show that you do care about the opinion of your followers.

To learn more about the good attitude to have about your communication on social media, you can check our article inspired by the show Game of Thrones (R.I.P).