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Custom Counter.

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USD$ 479

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Display the data that matters in real time

Keep track of how your business performs & enhance your digital data. Sales targets, app downloads, users, or any meaningful data can be displayed.

All you need to make the Counter work is :


SVG file icon

An Internet connection (WiFi or Ethernet)

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a power source

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and a computer to set-it up

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Your sales, in real time!

“As soon as a book is sold, the Counters flaps start moving and add the sale in real time. It's awesome to boost my marketing team!”
Max, order 12543



Data that inspires you

The Custom Counter placed in our office displays the trees we've planted around the world. I bring it to conferences, such an interactive marketing tool.”
Marie, order 678



Your webanalytics data

“It's amazing to know exactly how many people are downloading my app on the app store.”
Sam, order 348



Spicy Burgers

“We've brought clean water to X hundred thousand foyers. So motivating to see that data grow every day.”
Jo, order 7654



Your data, LIVE!

Step 1 : What source can I use?

You can display data from the following platforms :

-CMS hosting (Wordpress, Prestashop & more).
- Web services (Stripe, Google API, Helpscout & more).
- Custom app (Node PHP, Java, Python & more).
- Social networks.

Step 2 : Build your JSON

Ask your developper to build a JSON webpage.

Example : {"number" : 2691}

Step 3 : Place your order

Once you've received your Counter, you'll be able to set it up to your Wi-Fi from your my.smiirl account and copy/paste the JSON URL hosting your data.

Manage your Counter

It's easy to set your Counter up on my.smiirl. Create your account and discover all the features of your Counter.

You can :

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Set up a Counter

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Display any data

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Modify the reactivity update

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Manage users

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Access Helpcenter

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And so on

Technical specifications


- Wi-Fi 802.11bgn (2.4GHz)
- Ethernet: RJ45 plug
- Connect through personal hotspot

Power supply:

- 220V/110V
- Cable : 2.5m/98.4in
- Power adapters : AUS, EU, UK, USA
- Power consumption : 0.5W

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Discover the other versions

The Counters can be placed anywhere:
in your store window, on display at your agency or on the wall of your restaurant.

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