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Custom Counter.

Available in:

5 digits

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7 digits

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2-year warranty
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A tailored counter to display any data in real-time!

Display what matters to you

Your KPI are important for your team. Want to know how you perform at every moment? Our custom counter is the first connected object that allows you to enhance your digital data.

Endless use cases

Sales targets, number of subscriptions to a service , or any data are significant figures to streer your business. The mechanical flaps and the slight clicking of the counter turn these moments of success rewardful.

Keep the team motivated!

Whether your data are above or below what you expect, the counter is a unique way to keep everyone alert and motivated in real time to achieve and exceed your goals.

Your sales in real-time

Beff Jezzos is the owner of a specialized online book shop. He likes to know in a glance how much money he made today.



Your environmental data

Ag Lore launched a special program to plant trees all around the world. He displays it in his offices and bring the counter with him to every conference he’s speaking to.



Your webanalytics data

Zark Muckerberg created an application that revolutionized something that needed to be! With the custom counter, he knows how many users he has convinced to use his application. For each new user, the counter updates!



Spicy Burgers

Kevin Spicy invented a very very spicy burger recipe. Each time someone fulfill this challenge, the counter updates :)



Your data.

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It is easy to configure your counter with the help of your developer. You simply need to create a JSON url that bridges between your platform hosting the data and Smiirl's client platform. You will have to copy and paste the page URL in our platform. Example link

Your logo.

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We print in four color process (CMYK) the logo of your choice on the wooden panel (gray area on the image). To ensure high quality printing, we require files format such as .AI or .PDF. Download Model

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Your Order

Before ordering, make sure you are able to build your JSON webpage.
Once your order is confirmed, our (super) special team will contact you to validate your image file and JSON webpage before lauching the production of your counter. Contact us if you have any questions!

Technical specs


- Wifi 802.11bgn (2.4GHz)
- Ethernet: RJ45 plug

Power supply:

- 220V/110V
- Cable : 2.5m/98.4in
- Power adapter : AUS, EU, UK, USA
- Power consumption : 0.5W

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We ship worldwide

We ship in more than sixty countries. Wherever you are, we choose the best logistics companies.

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Discover the other versions

Counter can be placed anywhere:
in your store window, on display at your agency or on the wall of your restaurant.

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