Team presentation Wednesday : Valentin – Communication & Digital Marketing

March 16, 2016

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste. Oh yeah, it’s really self-centered to start introducing our team with myself, come at me haters. But as Kanye once said to Sway : “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS”.

Lemme stop, and let’s jump to what’s really important : me. (The level of ego is too mafac*ing damn high)

I have been working for Smiirl for a bit less than 4 month and what I can tell right now is that it’s one of the best choices I’ve made so far (after buying Super Smash Bros Melee for the Gamecube). At 22, I wanted my first professionnal experience to be formative and enriching on a social matter. And as Colonel Landa would say in Inglorious Bastards : “That’s a bingo!”. Connected objects is definitly the big thing nowadays, and I didn’t want to work in a structure where nothing palpable was offered. The Smiirl Counter is without a doubt a strong marketing asset for small businesses, and the first time I laid my eyes on one of these bad boys, I told myself “Damn, what an awesome idea it is”. And that, my friend, is the main reason you get up to work for a company : you need to love the product/service you’re selling/providing!

From the day I started I have been, let’s agree on it, the core of Smiirl’s marketing. The pillar that makes it stand, the Lebron James of Digital Marketing, the Slim Shady of Blog writing, the Samuel L. Jackson of community management (it’s becuz I’m everywhere, seriously that guy really is everywhere).

The guy who answers your messages on Facebook ? it is me.

The guy who makes Smiirl Ads pop up on your newsfeed ? yours truly.

The guy who writes these marvelous articles you read every week ? still V-boy baby (I hope you do, otherwise I quit)

But enough with me (yeah, shed your tears), and let me explain what this article really is about. Once a week, I’ll introduce you a member of our team. And you might not know it yet, but it is going to be a bumpy ride because we’re 50 000 in this business (well, 8 people to be honnest, but still)!

And next week, I’ll introduce you to Pierre-Gilles, the king of the support. He's the one you are assaulting with your e-mails because “OMAGAD my counter is not working it’s terrible what am I going to do with my life”, and who answers more than 50.32% of the time (that’s a real figure yeah) “First of all, did you plug it?” *Drop the Mic*

Just kidding (well not entirely)

Thanks for reading the first article of this  saga, hope you enjoyed it as I enjoyed writing it!

I’m out 😉