The posts you should avoid making on social networks

February 29, 2016

1 - The "opinion on a specific matter" post

Oh yeah, we said it, the big bad "O" word. This is giving the stick to be beaten with. Give your opinion on a touchy matter and you can be sure a horde of millions of haters is going to come at you with sharp teeth and claws. More seriously, as a business, it is clearly not your job to say that [insert a celebrity name] is a son of a b.. Woops we almost crossed the line there. As a business, you should focus on the matters your followers want you to talk about, such as your product, your upcoming projects, the events you're going to attend to (and where your followers can meet you), etc, etc. The worst subjects for opinion giving : religion and politics. Oh damn...

2 - The "Lord of the Ring" sized post

When you're giving to your followers a particular information on your business, your products, your upcoming projects, you want to be as straight to the point as possible. If you're launching something new, you don't have to tell the whole story behind it, just go for the main informations. Your customers don't really care about that one day you took a bubble bath while drinking a cup of tea and suddenly you had the idea to create a product that will be amazing because your friend had always told you in 3rd grade that you were going places, so of course your idea is awesome and that would make an amazing product to make and... You get the idea, be straight to the point, write about the part that gets the attention of most of your followers.

3 - The "Lalalalala I'm not listening" post

Well, this mistake is more about the comments on your post than the post itself. As a business, you should answer to most of your followers comments, and ESPECIALLY the negative ones. Our CEO says that you can easily transform an unhappy follower into a happy follower by answering to his concerns quickly and efficiently. Don't cover your ears (or your eyes in this situation), take the time to treat all the comments equally, because an angry customer can cause one hell of a butterfly effect : 1 angry customer comments on a post you made => you don't answer => he complains and says you're a sh*tty company => 1000 other potential customers see that => you're f*cked my friend.

Don't be like crazy Amy... please

4 - The "plain text cold hearted" post

Even if people on social medias sometimes act like robots (turn on facebook => no notification => check your emails => no email ? back to facebook then), your followers are human, and a little red heart is beating inside of their chest. Never post something that looks like a 1850's telegraph, simply add a picture, a photoshop creation or a picture of a cute kitten (seriously, it always works) to make your post more human, less robotic. Something like "Tomorrow, 10% off on t-shirts" with no image added to it won't get more than 5% of your audience (yeah, that's made up but whatever you get the idea). Make it more joyful, more like "Tomorrow we offer to our beloved customers the opportunity to get 10% off on our most gorgeous models of t-shirts, don't miss it!" with a nice picture of these t-shirts linked to it (I know, it's a bit exagerated, but once again, you get the idea).

"How to nail it 101" with Lawrence Public Library

5 -  The "attention wh*re" post

Let's agree, before argueing on this one, that social medias are nowadays the Number 1 way to communicate on your product/service/project. Ok, now that we all agree on that... For god's sake, don't overly promote yourself. It's a good thing to promote your company, the product you're selling, the services you're providing, the events you're organizing... but, too much is too much. There is a line not to cross on this matter, and it's unfortunately not always an obvious one. Because it depends a lot on who are your customers, what kind of people they are. If you want to promote yourself or your product, do it smoothly. Add a lil' call to action at the end of your post (such as : "discover more at") but don't make a post just to promote yourself. It needs to be discreet, not a "look at me, I'm pretty" kind of stuff!

Hope you enjoyed our advices on this subject! Make sure to give us your feedback and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question on any matter!