How to get (even) more likes/followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using your Smiirl Counter

February 14, 2016

1 - In your shop window

Nothing better than classic display. Shop windows are the first things your customers see when they pass by your store. Placing the counter right there will catch the eye of over nine thousaaaand people walking in front of it. Even better, if you happen to get a new like on your page the exact moment someone is passing by, you're better be damn sure that this somebody will stop and try to make it move himself. Touchdown.

Window shop display by SUPERBECANE

2 - Behind your bar

This one is for bar owners and bartenders. We’re talking about nice and clean display, don’t just put the Counter on a shelf, hidden by your whole collection of Jack D’s and pineapple juices. Sublimate it, make it gorgeous, put it in of your most magnificent bottles of champagne, wine, vodka, gin, beer, mescal… With a nice and flashing light above it to make it glow, and your clients will notice it even if the place is crowded as hell 😉

Great display in the Bar "Les Niçois"

3 - On your store counter

The counter on a counter, sounds like counterception. Ideal for grocery stores with stylish wooden counters. Place it next to your cash register, and suggest your customers to like your page when they're completing their purchase. Or even add a little sign saying : "like us" or "follow us", a call to action often has great impact, especially in small stores where your customers are loyal ones.

Kilikio's counter fits perfectly in the store!

4 - On the wall

No, we're not suggesting you to put it on your edition of The Wall. You know, the album. By Pink Floyd. Still not getting it? Nevermind.. This one is for offices. Putting a counter on your office's wall can be a good source of self-motivation. Especially if your company is majorly focused on social networks. Seeing it moving all day will make you want to work even harder, to increase more and more your digital reputation. I, personnaly, pop a bottle of champagne everytime we gain a new fan on our social networks. Not credible? Welp, let's move on!

5 - Just use your imagination

That could sound silly, but no one knows your store/office better than yourself. You own it, it's your project, your baby, so you better be aware of what makes your customers or coworkers happy. If you sell a creative product or concept, make it part of your identity and marketing and put it right next to your Counter.

Lobster Bar totally nailed it!

6 -  Do it like Pierre, carry it

Pierre carries the counter, Pierre is being noticed and gains Facebook fans. Pierre is smart. Be like Pierre.

Make sure to send us your most beautiful pictures displaying your counter in your store, or simply put them on your webside and/or Facebook page.

Thanks a lot for reading this article, I'm out!