Hello 2016!

January 2, 2016

Why (re)?

Simply because we had a small blog back in the early days of the company, this blog was focused on updating our first customers about the state of the production, as we kickstarted selfstarted the company thanks to pre-orders. We'll repost all these past articles in the next months,  but now is the time for a clean start.

What you'll find on this blog?

A lot of things :

  • Of course news of the company: what we like, who we work with, introduction to new comers...etc

  • Interviews of our clients: they are awesome, they work in many (many) different fields and we love to spotlight what they do, how they deal with their day-to-day business, how they manage  social medias for their company...

  • Design posts: you may know that Design is at the core of the company. We'll try to dig the best work around, the product we fell in love with. Design is a wide word so you'll see many different things from human-machine interactions to silly objets that we love. BTW, we are planning to have an "Object museum" at our offices, if you have great ideas, ping us 😉

  • Social Media for small businesses: we produce tools to help small businesses enhance their social media strategies. It feels normal then to dig up the best practices and compile it for our clients. You think you are killing the game on these subjects? Ping-us, we'd love to have a talk and share your practices and ideas!

Then we'll post everything we feel good to share, from good jokes to

On behalf of all the team,

Happy new year 😉