How to raise more money with a Custom Counter!

July 11, 2023

Today we are super excited to share a story showing the immense power of a Custom Counter for live fundraising! is a Norwegian enterprise CRM system for nonprofits. The team tried out a Smiirl integration displaying donations at a live event. Here is the story told by their CMO Jonathan Bigler :

We launched a new QR-based donation technology with the Norwegian mobile payment provider Vipps. During out test donations given through the QR code would be instantly registered in and displayed on a Smiirl visible for the audience during a live event at Vipps’ HQ, with both people in the room and attending online.

As we showed a video from a field-worker at the Ukrainian-Polish border, we displayed the QR code on the side. Within seconds the Smiirl magic started to operate, the flaps got in motion, first 500 kroners (our currency in Norway), then 2000! All eyes are now on the Smiirl as it keeps on flapping, everyone got curious about the outcome, then it stopped right below 10.000 kroners. When it started flipping again going towards a 5-digit figure, we got a satisfying cheer from the audience, which was really really fun!

We reached 16.461 Norwegian kroners ( 2 212 € - 2 260 $) during this proof of concept campaign. The audience showed up to see innovative fundraising technology and ended up supporting a charity. Vipps employees also shared the link on their internal chat for other employees to see and contribute. It feels like magic when the donors altogether can see in real-time the effect of their donation and make a difference for the greater good.

Thank you so much Jonathan for sharing this story!

Next time you need to get an audience excited, you know exactly what tool to use ;-)