Meet Mariia & Fedoua, our Wonderwomen from the Customer Success Team

February 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered who those people are, the ones fixing all your problems? Well, if Gotham had Batman — and Metropolis had Superman — here at Smiirl, we have Mariia and Fedoua.

Fighting dissatisfaction and saving you from the technical conundrum of the day, they ride the customer success express. Whatever the challenge, whatever the need, it’s this care- hungry duo who step up to save your skin.

But before summoning them with that Instagram sign in the sky, make sure that, above all else…

…you have an internet connection!

The Smiirl Customer Success Team has 3 main goals: advocating on your behalf for the best customer experience possible; troubleshooting issues and being there for you through the good times and the bad; and listening to you whenever you want to share ideas, or simply ask a question.

So, without further ado, let’s meet the team…


Pizza lover, adventuress, customer success aficionado

Fedoua is inspired by adventure. She describes the Smiirl Success Team as ambitious, caring, and keenly focused on the satisfaction of clients. Not surprisingly, she sees the team’s 5-star rating on Trustpilot as its finest achievement.

Fedoua has wanted to serve others since she was young. Her earliest visions were of dentistry — where she could have helped people and never stopped learning. But destiny chose a different path. One with less gnashers.

Her happiest place is with family and friends. That’s why, at just 17, it took all Fedoua’s courage to leave the comfort of home to study abroad. Fuelled by a love of travel and of discovering new things, she set out towards that tantalizing horizon.

For some, it’s pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. For Fedoua, it’s pizza and discovery.


Book lover, brunch professional, Black Friday survivalist

Mariia chases that customer success high. She speaks four languages and wanted to be one of two things when she grew up: a psychologist or a cat. For different reasons.

Mariia loves brunch in Paris on a Sunday morning and drinking champaign, whatever the occasion — she’s classy. Mariia likes travel, good music, and that special moment, between all the noise and chaos — when a client finally manages to connect their Counter.

For Mariia, the client comes first. And Smiirl’s clients are some of the good ones, if we do say so ourselves. Like one of her heroes, Hermione Granger, Mariia enjoys a good book. And if she could, she would use that time turner to answer your customer requests and work on improving the client experience at the same time! What more do you want from this woman?

Smiirl Success

The Smiirl Customer Success team is a small but united A-team, helping each other out as much as they can — as we all should. Mariia respects Fedoua’s lighting reflexes and hyper- efficiency. And Fedoua appreciates the wisdom and sage-like patience Mariia brings to her work. This is part of what makes them such a powerful tag team So, remember.

Whoever you are — wherever you’re from — the answer is most certainly, no, they do not know your WI-FI password.

But together, they are…

Mariia & Fedoua !!!