The Custom Counter can accomplish (almost) anything

May 25, 2020

We all want to distinguish from everybody else, and it's completely normal!

It is now essential maybe inevitable to stand out for a brand or a store, but unfortunately, with a small budget it's sometimes complicated and that's where our Custom Counter comes in.

At the cutting edge of technology, it's a very useful marketing tool to promote your establishment, your brand or simply to encourage your troops in their work and show that their hard work has a real impact.

Why the “custom” name you may ask. The counter iscustomizable because of its choice of visuals (on the left side of the counter) but also because the displayed figures (let's just call them flaps) can be linked to any data.

That's right. With our Custom Counter you can choose to insert your logo, any image, like the picture of your cat for instance (you are free to choose) but you have one obligation (!) you must use an image.

But don't worry my dear fellows who like to stand out from the crowd, that's not the only added value to our Custom Counter. A single added feature wouldn't give it the name of "Custom Counter", there's even better!

This gem can be associated to all types of data. Yes! You're not dreaming.

If you're a shoe salesman, show how many shoes you sell each week, if you're a painter, the number of minutes painting, if you're a restaurant owner, the number of burgers and fries sold during the day, the scope of possibilities is open up to you!

To connect the Counter and display your data, you'll have to use a JSON connection. A JSON connection, what is it that ? you may ask? The explanation and the use are not very complicated, if you know a little bit about coding, so it's not within everyone's reach (like me). But don't worry, if you've got a little geek in your entourage, she'll make this JSON URL in no time at all.

A quick summary explanation.

Basically, JSON is a text data format that can transcribe any data given in numbers (like the examples above).

JSON uses two types of elements: sets of "name" and "value" pairs, and ordered lists of values. These elements represent 3 types of data that can be, objects, arrays and generic values (array, number, strings, object).

You will be advised to turn to a coding professional but you can try it yourself. The world of tutorials is open to you, or try to link your Counter with this article, especially dedicated to the JSON connection of the Custom Counter. It can always be interesting and rewarding to try it yourself 😉

With its refined and vintage design, all on a beautiful wooden frame (so chic) and its beautiful flaps of grey colors, modern and elegant. We know it's hard to get everyone to agree on just one thing, but we've done our best to please as many people as possible and, between us, we know you already love it. With a length of 42 cm for the 5D and 56,4 cm for the 7D you will amaze everyone with your beautiful Smiirl Custom Counter.

The only thing to say, try it is to adopt it. Possibilities are huge, now it's up to you!