Loads of new Facebook & Instagram features to support small businesses!

May 18, 2020

Facebook has changed a lot since its creation, from a simple network for students it has become a pillar in the management and development of businesses.

Every year, new features are added and this time it's just for you: business owners and entrepreneurs.

Facing with the Covid-19 crisis, the most used social media has thought and launched new initiatives to help business owners around the world and especially local businesses. Most of the initiatives will be realized thanks to the mutual aid of citizens. And this is the kind of action we love to see!

The global context is far from being cheerful but the announcement of new features made by the company Facebook on its social media takes a thorn in our side and makes our days less difficult.

These are a few well thought-out new features that have recently seen the light of day and that will allow you to continue to promote your business, your social networks, your products and news around your business.

First of all, there is the addition of a "Support Small Business" sticker to the Instagram stories.

If your followers use this sticker they will be able to highlight your posts or your account by mentioning your company and will be able to share their story with a few nice words that their subscribers will have the chance to see.

You will then be able to share these sweet proofs of love and support on your pages. A shared story is available and relays the mentions of your subscriptions for their favorite companies, making more people aware of small businesses and local shops. So everyone, to your phones!

Also, take the time to subscribe to the News Feed (this time only on Facebook) which has been specially created to gather posts and news about local businesses. Facebook users should receive an invitation or message to subscribe to the feed, if they haven't already.

The social media will also try to ease communication between customers and businesses by allowing professionals to switch from their personal account to their pro account more easily. A plug-in for your website should also be coming out soon, allowing your visitors to communicate instantly with you via Facebook Messenger from your website.

That's all pretty cute but there's better to come... and we wouldn't say no to financial support. That's where gift cards and fundraising come in.

Adding gift card functionality to Instagram is not that complicated. Add either a "gift card"  button on your business account or (again) a sticker exists, named ... (drum roll)  

"gift card." (easy to remember)

On Facebook it's slightly different but still easy to access and use. There is a page that gathers all the gift cards (companies/businesses will have to register first if they want to benefit from it). 

Users will be able to find these gift cards on a landing page, either from their News Feed, or on the companies' accounts and publications.

The page lists the gift cards, with a special focus on local shops, another star for Facebook. So don't waste a second !

Now, concerning the fundraising mentioned above, they have been around for some time now but are no longer reserved for big causes and charities and are therefore open to all. Anyone can decide to organize a fundraising for the business they wish to help. Amazing initiatives (go for it!) that help promote the trade of VSEs and SMEs, and also amazing heartwarming initiatives.

And finally, take advantage of the Resource Centre available for these two social media (Facebook and Instagram) to help you face the consequences and take the current times as an opportunity to flex your social media skills! You will be able to access this section in the shortcuts on Facebook and in the company profiles on Instagram.

Here are some very practical information that you should follow and/or recommend.

Don't forget to keep yourself informed on the Facebook blog 😉