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February 10, 2020

Customer interview: Oliver’s Brighton

September 1st, 1991. It’s with eyes wide open that Harry Potter walks into the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, entering a new chapter of his life, one full of wonders, excitement and… magic!

November 11th, 2017. Twenty-six years later, it’s with eyes at least equally as wide open that Oliver witnessed a 3-and-a-half-hour queue in front of his brand-new shop: Oliver’s Brighton Wizarding Shop!


Oliver is one of our dearest clients, he uses his Facebook Counter on a weekly basis to create contests and raise awareness around its social media accounts from inside his magical store. I had the pleasure to collaborate with him and I took this opportunity to learn more about him and his whimsical store in Brighton, England.


Let us introduce to you the very great story of:



Yours truly: Hi Oliver, so what is Oliver’s Brighton about? What drove you to create this wizarding shop?


Oliver: Oliver’s Brighton is a mystical emporium for all your wizarding needs. I got the idea when I was in China in a gaming cafe whilst re-reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets.


I mean, obviously.


Yours truly: And why did you decide to make it a shop and not an online store?


Oliver: Because it’s fun! You get to interact with all sorts of customers, and to see the reaction of people when they walk into my shop gives me a fantastic feeling!


Yours truly: How did a wizard such as yourself communicate about the opening of your magical shop?


Oliver: I took people on a journey of the shop being built from day one: I used social media to build up a mystery of what the shop was going to be. I gave hints and tips that it might have something to do with wizards and witches. This encouraged a huge amount of excitement and anticipation for the shop opening as I got a 3 ½ hour queue on the opening day.



It was longer than waiting to get on a rollercoaster at Disneyland 😱
Good job Oliver 💪🏼


That’s a good tip for ya’ll! Don’t wait to have your business open to start interacting with your future clients. Find them, talk to them, engage them and you too will get a 3-hour queue on your opening day.


Oliver : As for social media, Facebook is the most important for me, as customers are able to leave reviews and once they Like my Facebook page, it creates a domino effect of awareness to new potential customers.


Yours truly: That’s what it’s here for! And how do you use Facebook?


Oliver : I use Facebook on a daily basis. Sometimes I do competitions, sometimes I do live videos, sometimes I do quizzes, and sometimes I do polls to give my followers the opportunity to have a sat about what happens in my shop. My posts are always accompanied with images or videos.



And of course, Oliver also uses his Counter a great deal to help him promote his fan-tastic business. 😉


Yours truly: About that, how do your clients interact with the Counter inside your shop?


Oliver : Their first reaction is WOW! My clients go on and Like the Facebook page, often with encouragement, sometimes without, and they enjoy watching the Counter change before their eyes!

The Counter has been very helpful, because it gives an extra reason and incentive for a customer to Like my Facebook page in store. Also, as I have previously mentioned, when someone Likes my Facebook page it will appear in their friend’s newsfeeds, creating a domino effect. I’ve gained roughly 1000+ Facebook Likes thanks to it. #YAY


I recommend it!

And we, recommend you all get on the first broom you see or touch the nearest portkey to Brighton ASAP, and visit the award-winning shop that Oliver’s Brighton is!


Drop the Mike.