[CLIENTS FOCUS] Runaway as fast as you can

May 18, 2017

Lock Academy's counter, featuring Baby Groot

The Game, Prizoners, John Doe, X Scape, Lock Academy... These are names you probably don't know if you're not currently living in France. But all of these names are companies fighting for their turnover in the same market. The uprising business of 2016, and that continues to thrive in 2017 : Escape Games 

Taking advantage of the legacy given by Laser Tags/Games (an environment completely created for entertainment purposes), the new immersive game started to blossom in Asia, mainly inspired by the Video Game "Crimson Room", based on the same rules (escaping from a room using tools and clues). 

In France & Europe, the concept took off as fast as a running Theo Walcott. And it's keeping itself from failing thanks to two main customers : individuals and companies. Why companies you may ask ? Simply because Escape Games became a good reason to organize team-building activities, corporate events & seminaries, usually organized to create links between employees (team-building, simply). 

Happy Winners @The Game, Paris

The increase in our turnover is in close relationship with the development of this entertainment business, because a lot of escape games owners order their counter right before opening their rooms. These places open almost every day in France, and we currently have more than 50 escape games possessing their own counter.  

From independent rooms to networks of franchises, all the big cities in France are targeted, no one is spared. And today we can even notice some big exhibition taking the "escape game train". Indeed, in July in France will take place the "Japan Expo" (from 6 to 9th July), and they plan to set up an escape room around "The Legend of Zelda" universe. Pretty clever right ? 

More than a simple entertainment, a real business. And we thought it would be clever to cover it in an article, as we did with the dentists in the US. Because that's a real phenomenon, and it has its best days ahead of it! 

I'm out 😉