The 5 best signs to enhance your counter

October 16, 2018

The analysis is globally the same for everyone : since the setting up of the counter in your restaurant/local business/etc, you've been spotting an increase in your number of fans/followers. But you can go even further. Today, we're going to study 5 examples of signage made for optimizing the use of your counter. A simple "accessory" that multiplies the power of our little tool. After all, what would be Android phones without SD cards, a Camera without a good lens, a Go Pro without its selfie stick? All of the previous items are excellent in their simplest usage, but add a lil accessory to them and you'll multiply their possibility by 2/10/100. And our counter is no stranger to that phenomenon. 

1 : The Incentivizing Message

Let's start with a simple case, with the most used form of signage we've been spotting till today : the incentivizing message. Often seen in the form of little slates/panels placed next to the counter, we're seeing that in this example, it's a simple message written with a piece of chalk on a traditional black board. Classic, cheap, and really efficient. The high-quality drawing you can see above our counter is obviously a bonus, but it blends perfectly with our toy. We like 😉

2 : The "light-box" above the "like-box"

Credit : So Art Studio

Boxception. Simple, but efficient. The light-boxes can be considered as the third biggest trend of 2016 (after Pokemon GO and Pikotaro). You can find these little boxes in restaurants, in decoration boutiques, in your friends' living-room... And in the case of our counter, the duo works perfectly. We're talking about a "divorce free wedding". The message displayed on the light box can be customized thanks to the set of letters and signs you receive when buying one, and as seen on the example above, you can encourage your clients and friends to like your Facebook page in order to make the counter moves its lil flaps. The first box makes the second box move, what a perfect cycle.  

3 : The all-in-one sign (and the doggy)

Credit : Planet Paws

We would agree, the doggy is kind of a bonus not everybody can afford to have. But a dog always does the job, always. More seriously, Le Counter incorporated into a Facebook sign? That's a big YES! The message is clear, the counter is directly linked to the wanted action : perfect recipe. The probability of your clients liking your page after seeing this ? 85.47% (according to a WTO study). This signage has been adopted by a lot of our clients, and we can only recommend it to you.  

4 : The "Wall"

Credit : MARDI

Let's face it, the word "wall" can allude to completely different things depending on the person you're talking to. You  certainly won't have the same reaction coming from a Mexican or a GOT fan (too far, too far...). But there's a universal wall, a definition everybody agrees on : the Facebook wall, created by good ol' Zuckie after he launched Facebook. And we have here the perfect physical representation of Marc's wall. Well, to be fair, this is more like a "page wall" than a "profile wall" but you get our point. On the top, you have the number of fans, represented by our counter. And below, you have some kind of a news feed, where everybody can write down what they think of the restaurant. A perfect connexion between the physical and the digital world. Awkwardly reminds me of a startup whose name starts with an S.. Hummm 😉 

5 : The solar panel

OK, calm down. We know not everybody is capable of affording such a thing. But that's a masterpiece! The usage is perfectly thought. The solar panel supplies our counter in energy, and the counter allows the page to grow. That's the best combo we've ever seen. Definitely. Kudos "Brasserie Marlentin" team, Kudos. 

What about you? Have you thought of a signage even crazier than the ones mentioned in this article? Let us know! 

I'm out 😉