Interview Sophie : Boutique Pompon

October 10, 2016

Once again, we're putting a client in the spotlight, and this time we had the pleasure to discuss with Sophie Le Corre, Captain of the Pompon ship and florist with a hybrid profile. In the past, she jumped between photography, webmaster (as we said in the early 2000's) and florist formation. She went back and forth between these three formations, and ended up choosing the one she loved the most : florist. She focuses on stems and petals, but uses her skills in web design and photography in her activity. Going social and going online is important to her, and she takes a lot of time to build the e-reputation of the brand through social networks and her website.

Talking about social networks, let's see how does Sophie use them. First and foremost, she qualifies social networks to be a good way to promote what's behind the scene to people who are coming in her store, and who actually don't see what work is needed to make it live. It allows followers to see every single facet of the florist work, and also to target a much younger audience than the one coming regularly in store. Sophie also distinguishes the different social networks. First, Facebook is for her a place to communicate on more "official" news (articles talking about Pompon, new bouquets, etc.). Instagram is pretty much like an art gallery, where you can see beautiful pictures of flowers, bouquets and the team. It has a more visual aspect than the Facebook page, and she uses this feature perfectly. The thing is, Sophie finds these two networks really rewarding because most of the interactions she gets from her followers are congratulations or encouragements. This is not the case for Twitter, a platform she qualifies as "loud" and unhealthy. On Twitter, people are only "talking", and not "showing" enough.

And how one can skyrocket his social media audience with a local business? With a counter, of course! Sophie met with the counter a while ago, and did not buy one immediately mainly because she couldn't gain fans quickly enough, resulting in a poor engagement. So she needed to build a strong community before starting using the counter, and now she finally has got it! For her, it's a great tool that allows her to materialize her social media audience, and she uses this feature quite efficiently! Little anecdote : the very first day she installed the counter at Pompon, a fan/client ran directly to the store in order to take a picture and to test it : like, dislike, like dislike back and forth just to make it move. Afterwards, he posted a picture of it and talked it about it to his friends. Sophie has a little word about this funny story : "it's heartwarming to see we have fans who really love us". We can tell 🙂

This project and her experience gave us a great humility lesson, and taught her to call her into question all the time. It's always about putting things into perspective because sometimes, she has to deal with quite difficult clients. She also has to deal with problems concerning employees, stocks, and of course : clients. She has to learn lessons from what she's experiencing every single day, and that's how she makes her project live longer and longer 🙂

Thanks for ready this interview, we hope you liked to learn about Sophie's and Pompon's little universe!

I'm out 😉