Smiirl History

October 10, 2022

Smiirl history, and more specifically its name, is deeply and strongly rooted into the founders historic and folklorique patrimonial. Smiirl (pronounced « Sviourl ») comes from an old patois out of Centre East of France, that you can roughly translate by « Coins are not a problem ». This is the founders hometown, Unlimited-sur-Cash, favorite motto, and visible on all family rings in their family.

Or maybe, it just stands for « Social Media Integrate In Real Life ». Way less glamorous but makes more senseWhatever the origin or the real meaning of the Smiirl, we have discovered and learn to cherish during all those years, the unique nature and experience of having an unpronounceable and googleable name for our beloved company.

And because we are openminded to phonetic and linguistic diversity, we embraced with joy and curiosity your originality and inventivity. Here are some of your most beautiful creations and our free interpretation, of how and why that happened!

Disclaimer: Not one name or Smiirl derivate showcased below has been invented. All of those have been at some point googled by your smooth hand and elegant fingers. That being said, the explanation and context we offer have not been validated by a professional profiler.

Smkrrl: There is only 2 possible options here: Either we face the craft of a critically drunken Danish or a rogue cat trying to send a S.O.S

Dmiirl: What happened here is pretty clear. The author of this curiosity was probably trying to google the last lyrics from his favorite Rap legend while his wife was asking him to not forget to order a new batch of liquid soap.

Spiirl: When you do some google research while watching sole re-run of Olympic Figure skating.

Smiifl: I can detect a crush on your young neighbor mum? #StacysMom

Smirlie: We helped you find the name for the latest pet in your household? You’re Welcome!

Smiorl: You were looking for a great IoT to help you grow your new customer online community? This nordic Liquor brand will be please with your work!swiirl: You cannot stand the little Italian plumber? #TeamWario …

snuirl: You may want to call your Doc. Your nose is full full full.smi irl: You should keep in check your conflictual relationship with your twin. It seems to affect every aspect of your life.

slmirrl: You decided to wage a full on war against the voyelle. Bold strategy, but at least the Oubykh speaking found their new lord!

We are open minded regarding the pronunciation of Smiirl, and your way is as good as ours. Even internally we have multiple ways to speak its name! So feel free and comfortable in any and every circumstance. The only thing that we will hold against you is a non connected counter laying around 🙂