Fan 1 is fan for ever

May 28, 2018

If you're reading this, you've probably completed the first step of developing your audience : creating your Facebook page. But you're not the only one involved in this business who should jump on the "sign in" button on Facebook. I'm talking about your clients there. Nowadays, more than 1.6 billion people are on Facebook. But in this big ocean, not all the fishes are proactive users, users who are really engaged.

Engage, this simple word must become your leitmotiv. This is not the easiest stage in the "Facebook Master Quest" video game. But this has to be the most vital one. When launching a Facebook page for your business, you could be tempted by a "fantastic tool" : buying a community. So the main idea is to get from 0 to 100 or even 5000 fans in two seconds, by buying them. Talking about well earned work... You have to know something, this community will allow you to kiss yourself on a mirror, but this is never going to be an engaged community. You'll have a nice number written next to your page's name, but this number won't matter. Because these "fans" will never comment or share your posts, resulting on a big useless mass.

Your community has to be earned in order to be really engaged. We're not going to give you a top 10 list of tips to engage your community, because there are 50000000 articles about that on the internet (for example, Neil Patel is a real MVP on this field), but we can tell you what we personally do.

Selling a B to B product implies to keep a healthy relationship with our clients, and to give them tips on how to engage their community themselves. Because our clients' clients are our clients as well (lost you there?). First of all, when receiving their counters, our clients can find a letter from the founders, telling them to come to our offices to have a coffee with us, and to discuss about their business. Some of them really come, some others send us pics of the counter's reception. There's an exchange, and not only a business-client relationship. By engaging our clients, we engage their clients as well so that they become part of our community. We're smart motherf*ckers. Our clients are our first ambassadors, them purchasing our counters is a step of our communication plan on its own. Because they talk about it to the people walking into their store.

There ain't such a thing as "perfect communication" to engage your digital community, but the more you will imply the people following your page, the more they'll become a weapon and an ambassador for your business. End of discussion.

Hope you enjoyed this article, as always don't hesitate to give us your feedback !

I'm out 😉