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Ten songs that will improve your productivity at work

Tips , 6. April 2016

In this world, there are two types of people. Those who work with music, and those who don’t. In our team, headphones are almost mandatory, and I’m going to give you the ten songs that get me pumped up and that make me ready to take over the world!

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Team presentation Wednesday : Romain – CTO

News from Smiirl , 24. März 2016

And the beat goes on.
He joined the founders team with a tweet and the less we can say is that you wouldn’t be able to use the counter and our website if it weren’t for him. Shout out to the Big Brain of the team, let me introduce you Romain, our CTO and cofounder !

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Team presentation Wednesday : Pierre-Gilles – Customer Care Manager

News from Smiirl , 21. März 2016

We’re on an article spree! Last Wedneday, I introduced myself in a precise & 100% trustworthy article. Today, I’ll introduce you the king of the support, the Goliath of Help Scout and the most caring member of our team : Pierre Gilles !

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Team presentation Wednesday : Valentin – Communication & Digital Marketing

News from Smiirl , 16. März 2016

It’s Wednesday so today is the member presentation day! Yaaaay! Wut ? I just created a trend out of nowhere you say? Yes, and so what? I’m the owner of the blog, I do whatever I want, duh.

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The posts you should avoid making on social networks

Tips , 29. Februar 2016

With the creation of new emojis on Facebook, people can now express their feelings on a subject/post more precisely. Moreover, these little fellas are great indicators of success, or failure, of the posts you make as a business on social medias. Our team presents you some posts you should avoid making as a community manager.

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Interview Patrice Cassard – Superbécane

Clients , 22. Februar 2016

For those who kept themselves in a cave without internet for the last 20 years, Patrice Cassard is, among other things, the founder of La Fraise and Archiduchesse. And he gently accepted to give us some time for a little interview to tell us about his brand new project : Superbécane!

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How to get (even) more likes/followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using your Smiirl Counter

Tips , 14. Februar 2016

Our first Social Media article will be kind of a “How to” one. We’re going to give you some advice on where to put your counter in your store and your office, in order to maximize his visibility!

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Interview Georges – Papa’s Fish and Chips

Clients , 8. Februar 2016

This time, Smiirl goes overseas to meet Georges, owner of Papa’s fish & chips !

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Interview Vincent Boccara – W for Wok

Clients , 31. Januar 2016

Let’s continue our clients interviews tour with Vincent Boccara, owner of W for Wok.

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Interview Kriton Mina Poulis – Kilikio

Clients , 13. Januar 2016

We wanted to turn the spotlight on our most beloved clients. And we started off this interview series with a nice exchange with Kriton Mina Poulis, CEO of Kilikio. The day we did this interview, he had 3618 facebook fans, well let’s see if this article makes him improve 😉

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