Do I need An internet Connexion?

The Smiirl’s Counters are connected via Wifi or Ethernet to your own internet network, in order to update itself in real time.

Are those Counters easy to install ?

We’ve been shipping those Counters in more than 50 countries in the last 2 years. Our Clients are from 18 to 78 years old and from local butcher to multinational CEO. And if you have any problems or difficulties, don’t hesitate to shoot us a mail at support@smiirl.com, and if necessary we are able to organise a skype with one of our own unique support top model classy french guy.

Do I need a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account?

The Smiirl’s Counters have been created to be linked to a company account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The Smiirl’s Counter for Facebook will display the number of like ou de “fans” Of your business page. If you want to create your own business Facebook page, here is a nice website that can help you to do so:

The Smiirl’s Counter for Twitter will display the number of “followers” of your twitter account. If you want to create your own twitter account, here is a nice website that can help you to do so :

The Smiirl’s Counter for Intagram will display the number of “followers” of your Instagram account. If you want to create your own Intagram account, here is a nice website that can help you to do so :

Is it possible to change the Facebook page linked to the Counter?

We are a French proud StartUp, so be sure that freedom is in our heart ! Of course you can change it at will ! You can link your Counter to the Pope’s page if it please you.

Do I need a computer in order for my counter to work?

Do you need one to heat up your pizza ? You just need a computer or smart phone or tablet for the first configuration. After that, your Counter is as independent as a baby turtle leaving the nest for the sea the first time.

I would like to have my Counter show something else than likes or followers. Is that possible ?

« Nothing is impossible » said Sir Brand Nike. We love and respect that man. So yes, this Counter is customizable, and can be linked to any online data. Please don’t hesitate to send us a mail at team@smiirl.com and explain us your situation, your vision and your needs.

I have more than 999 999 fans or followers, what can i do?

Lucky Bastard ! Take a deep breath and a cool beer and take the time to enjoy it while embracing your proud achievement. Then contact us and depending on the quantities you need, we can figure out something.

I am owning or running severals shops and I would like to customize your Counters with our colors and/or Logos, is this possible?

Of course boss ! We would love to work with you on that. we are always open and please to partner with our client to create or customize some new objects and help them being closer to their online community. Please don’t hesitate to shoot us a mail at team@smiirl.com

How come that some of your product are ready to order and ship and some others are on pre order?

Smiirl never stops, Smiirl never sleeps. Some of the products are already in « production mode », have been tested and already working and connected all over the world. Some other are in pre-order. They are just prototypes of new object that we are improving and you will help us develop by being one of the first owner in the world! THAT is something!

I am pretty sure your Counters will rock, how can i sale it or integrate your distribution network?

Yep, the Counters already Rocks and the flaps rolls ! But we would love to invite you in our family. Please go in our distributor page and fill up the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

I am a journalist, I really like your product and want to talk about you, your products and your company. Do you have a press kit?

As you can easily imagine, we only talk with Politzer award winners and ESPN.com columnists. But feel free to take a look at our press page, with high resolution pictures, logos and press release. Also please don’t hesitate to shoot us a mail at press@smiirl.com and will answer you with our best « plume » as soon as possible.

By the Way, Who are you?

We are currently working on a fine and smooth presentation of the team, but here is a little tease: We are a small ( but smart and effective) team of designer, engineers and businessman who wants to learn a bit more everyday and create their own company. We are dreaming of a futur where every small businesses will be closer to their online community and we putting all our energy into that dream coming reality.

What’s next for Smiirl?

We think there is still a lot of connected object to be imagined, designed and created, cool and useful to help small shops, bars and restaurants. That is exactly our goal and we work hard everyday with that in mind and heart !