Do I need an Internet Connexion?

The Smiirl Counters are connected via Wifi or Ethernet to your own internet network, so it can update itself in real time.

Are these Counters easy to install?

We’ve shipped Counters in more than 50 countries over the last 2 years. Our clients range from 18 to 78 years old, from local butcher to multinational CEO. And yet, if you were to have any problem installing it, one of our very unique-classy-french support technician will be super happy to assist you by email or Skype, just give us a shoot: support@smiirl.com

Do I need a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account?

The Smiirl Counters have been created to be linked to a company Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

The Smiirl Counter for Facebook will display in real-time the number of likes or “fans” associated with your company’s page. If you want to create your own business Facebook page, here is a nice website that can help you to do so: facebook.com/business/products/pages/

The Smiirl Counter for Twitter will display in real-time the number of “followers” associated with your Twitter account. If you want to create your own Twitter account, here is another sweet website that can help you to do so: business.twitter.com/fr/basics/create-a-profile-for-your-business

The Smiirl Counter for Instagram will display in real-time the number of “followers” associated with your Instagram account. If you want to create your own Instagram account, nothing is more relevant than Instagram advice: business.instagram.com/

Is it possible to change the Facebook page linked to the Counter?

We also believe in freedom, you can switch to different pages as you wish! You could link your Counter to Barack Obama’s page, we’ve tried it, it’s awesome.

Do I need a computer to get my Counter working?

Do you need one to warm up a slice of pizza? No, actually you just need a computer, smartphone or tablet for the very first setup. After that, thanks to the built-in wifi feature, your Counter is as independent as any angry teenager.

I would like to have my Counter show something else than likes or followers. Is that possible?

« Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! » said Audrey Hepburn. We love and respect the woman. So yes, this Counter is customizable, and can be linked to any online data. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email at team@smiirl.com and explain us your idea, vision and needs.

I have more than 999 999 fans or followers, what can i do?

Lucky Bastard! Take a deep breath and a cool beer and take the time to embrace your achievement. Then contact us so we can try to figure something out based on the quantity you’d need.

I am owning or running severals shops and I would like to customize the Counter with our colours and/or logos, is that possible?

It sure is! We would love to work with you on that and learn more about your customization needs. Please shoot us an email at team@smiirl.com

Why are some of your products ready to ship and others are still on pre-order?

Smiirl never stops, Smiirl never sleeps. Some of our products are already in « production mode », they have been fully tested and connected all over the world. Others are still in pre-order, they are just prototypes of new object that we are working on improving. And we hope you will help us by being one of the very first owner in the world! THAT is something!

Your Counters rock, how can I sell them and be part of your distribution network?

Right on! Our Counters rock and already flap across the world! We would LOVE to have you part of our family. Please check out our resellers section and fill out the form. We will get back to you in no time! (Well, we promise to be quick. Our sales team processes a very high volume of requests, feel free to follow-up 🙂 )

I am a journalist, I really like your product and want to talk about you, your products and your company. Do you have a press kit?

As you can easily imagine, we only talk to well-intended professionals, hopefully you’re one of them. Feel free to take a look at our press page, with high resolution pictures, logos and press release. And even if you’re not exactly well-intended, please give us a shoot at press@smiirl.com, we love speaking with journalists and shall answer with our best « plume ».

By the way, who are you?

We are currently working on a well-polished presentation of the team, but here is a little teaser: we are a small ( but smart and effective) team of designers, engineers and business people who wanted to never stop learning, so they decided to create their own company. We are dreaming of a future where connected objects truly foster human interaction and we keep putting all of our energy into that dream.

What’s next for Smiirl?

We think there is still a lot of cool and useful connected objects to be imagined, designed and created. That is exactly our goal and we work hard everyday with this purpose in mind!