Facebook fan counter

Facebook fan counter.

The Counter for Facebook Likes.

This is the first product of Smiirl, launched under the name of "Fliike", this Counter is the first product that brings back social networks into shops and public places.

Easy Setup.

We designed the Counter for Facebook so you can set it up in a few minutes. Plug it, connect it to the Internet via Wifi and link it to your Facebook Page.

Display your community.

The Counter for Facebook can be displayed everywhere, in your shop window, on a counter, on a desk, or you can also hang it on a wall. It will help you attract new customers or convince them to join your Facebook community..


The Counter for Facebook is connected in real time, every new like is displayed in less than 6 seconds. And reward your clients for their commitment with an emotionally charged interaction.

Discover other versions.

After a lot of requests, we have made other versions of our Counter to adapt to other social networks, have a look at our boutique.

Easy setup.

We have conceived our product so they're easy to install and live their lives independently.

Plug your Counter.

Go on my.smiirl.com and create your account.

Then connect yourself on "SmiirlSetup" wifi and follow instructions.

We deliver worldwide!.

Already in more than 50 countries, we work with the best delivery guys to provide shipping services to the 5 continents!